eBay Hello eYeka, Today we want to announce the winners for eBay Collections contest whereby we ask you to introduce eBay Collections and encourage people to use it, in a nice visual with text. Even though this is a new feature, you managed to come out with innovative promotional ideas that impressed the client. Well done! Here is the client's feedback:
Thank you all for your ideas and creative executions. We were very pleased to see so many different ways how you could talk about collections. There were many insights in behind the ideas we did not think off. Well done!!!!
Now, let us look at the winners for this contest with some comments: 1st Prize (EUR 4,000) - Kliment (Bulgaria) with Follow Client: This was the strongest execution. Very simple and to the point. We really liked this one.
I was amazed and very happy! Deep down inside I knew I had it - simple and right to the point. Cheers to all the other finalists for the good work and the rest of the participants, eYeka team and of course thanks to eBay for choosing my entry as the winner.
2nd Prize (EUR 2,000) - Srcharls (Mexico) with Someone else likes what you like Client: There is a strong insight behind this and we really like the headline. It has a potential to turned into many different executions based on your passion.
I felt excited to develop eBay's proposal, a world famous company deserves a good idea and when you are creating the important thing is never to stop or limit yourself. eYeka is an amazing platform because there are no restrictions for imagination and creativity. Greetings from Mexico.
3rd Prize (EUR 1,000) - Serafin (France) with You are inspiring Client: This one is very creative and inspiring. What I like on this one is that it talks about collections in a "sharing" and "curating" way.   4th Prize (EUR 500) - Kerubin (Singapore) with Powered by the World Client: Very strong insight behind this one. We really like it. There are emotions, but it is also very functional execution.
Have fun in what you do fellow eyeka mates! Hard work pays off all the time.
Additional Prize (EUR 500) - AnnaNThang (United States) with My Obsession is... Client: This one is a very powerful one - very strong insight and nice execution. It is very similar to the passion - which was our original idea. Great job!
I was very happy and surprised to be included for an additional prize for this contest! There were many great submissions which fulfilled the brief in original ways. I was unaware of the eBay collections before this contest and can really see the benefit of such a tool. I wanted to portray it as something for very unique and eclectic people who like to show who they are through their collection. Thank you ebay for selecting my entry as one of the winners! Much appreciated :)! And thank you eYeka for existing. Such a wonderful platform with the biggest clients in the world.
  Congratulations to the winners and thank you all the participants for your creative ideas! :)