098c98f04a1701318e1a0a1e24287e51 “Let's make time together” is a fun contest which we asked you to create a series of creative artwork representing the 10 Arabic numerals (from 0 to 9) to show us that numerals can tell meaningful stories and express passion and emotions. We accepted nearly 300 entries for this contest and all of them are very creative! we would like to thank all the participants for your time and effort. Here’s the message that the jury wants to share with all of you:

“We are deeply moved by the huge number of the artworks that are developed by creators globally. We deeply appreciate all participants join the contest. We realized the value of co creation.”

So here are the winners chosen by the client, you can see the jury’s comments and winners’ comments below, some of the winners also shared their tips with you! :) 1st Prize (2000€) goes to happiestfung (Hong Kong) for Childhood Numbers Heros “A series of the numbers' design are very unique and fun. We evaluate the originality and creativity. Additionally, we find some elements that describe the country's characteristic where the creator lives with enjoyment.”
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2nd Prize (1000€) goes to karen_key (Mexico) for Little Tales about Arabic Numbers “It has originality and narrativity.The creator's sense about way of using color is tremendous. Additionally, we highly evaluate a variety of ideas on how you can create the numbers.”
It was a big surprise to have been selected as the Second Prize in this contest. It was my first participation in eYeka and this makes me really happy! A friend of mine introduced eYeka to me a while ago,  finally I could make some time and participate in this cool contest. Thanks eYeka for the great organization and thanks to the client of " Let's Make Time Together" Contest!!
3rd Prize (500€) goes to harwicre8hinx (Indonesia) for wayang paradise “Does the creator use Indonesian traditional art as motif? We love the point that the creator create the number by fusing modern sense into the traditional art. We expected eYeka's creators to create the number in that way.”
Some friends also ask me about the tips to win in eYeka contest, well... my answer is simple but hard to do... :) I think you should think the best, never feel satisfied on your work easily, push yourself till you get the work done, not just make the work different, but make it extraordinary. You can also learn from the best brands in the world on how they blow your mind with their creativity and outstanding ideas. You can combine them all and add your own 'taste'...it will be your unique work and simply the best. After winning the contest, I feel more confident. I will keep this track, because I know it's the right path to take the challenge and get the chance to win more and more. Thanks eYeka for this opportunity, eYeka is the best place for the creatives for sharing their best ideas to the world!
4th Prize (500€) goes to srcharls (Mexico) for True Ancient Emperors “We love the creative idea that uses ancient civilization as motif.”
I was searching for website that could help me potentiate my creativity, stimulate ingenuity and also provide chance to win a prize, then I found eYeka. My tips is: I think when you have an idea, you should not limit yourself to think it is bad or not, you should do it or make it, you never know what could be the winning idea. Winning in eYeka competition means getting involved with the  famous brands in the real world and it is also an emotion that cannot be contained.
5th Prize (500€) goes to ypp1117 (China) for Food digital “We got a lot of artwork which motif is food. Among them, this art work stands out from a perspective of high quality design and illustration.”
I have many ideas for this contest, but I didn't have enough time, so I only created one entry to participate. I am a foodie and enjoy eating different kinds of food, so I took food as inspiration and created the entry with many foods. The more I created, the more I felt inspired. It's a pity that we can only create 10 numbers, because I want to express more with other foods. Lastly, I want to say thanks to eYeka!
6th Prize (500€) goes to cristinarovirabcn (Spain) for LOS NÚMEROS NO TIENEN FRÍO “We were moved by this heartwarming artwork. We felt like we read a picture book.”
This is the first time I've participated in eYeka contest and I won. I found the contest through a colleague. I work as Art Director in a multinational advertising agency. And I was delighted to receive the prize. I will continue participating. Thanks for everything!
7th Prize (500€) goes to marcustolan (UK) for  Number Words “Combination between numbers and words creates the unexpected humorous creativity.”
Winning contests on eYeka boosts my enthusiasm to work on new creative projects. They are an opportunity to test my ability to interpret actual creative briefs from major brands and organisations, and to learn and improve from that experience. In some contests you can see the entries of other participants and this allows me to compare how they have responded to a brief with my own response, in terms of concept, style and quality of execution. My tips to other creators: Look beyond the brief but don't ignore it, and don't pick your first idea.
8th Prize (500€) goes to rodrigocarbajalmas (Peru) for Techno-Moche recicled numbers “We evaluate an original technique and narrativity.”
I found eYeka by searching on the web for video contest. My tips to other creators: you should participate as much as possible in eYeka contests! I feel it is very positive to participate and win on eYeka contest. This inspires you to keep on creating and producing.
9th Prize (500€) goes to ausiasperez (Spain) for La casa egipcia - Ausias Pérez “We love the delicate design with intelligence.”
A friend noticed me about eYeka and I came straight to the website to check it out. I was very happy when I was noticed for the winning, I will celebrate it for sure! Thanks eYeka! My tips to other creators: You should participate, it's a very nice way to share your work and learn about how other people working on the same field  work.
10th Prize (500€) goes to Giuliano_Grimaldi (Italy) for 3D wildstyle sculptures “We're amazed by the high quality design.”
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Congrats to the 10 winners! We would like to thank you all the participants again for your creative entries! :D