Hi everyone,

Springs is coming in Europe so it's the perfect timing to discover the results of this very colourful contest!! Through this Color Transformation contest, we wanted you to create a touching and original video or animation that shows how hair coloration can change a woman’s life!

Congrats everyone for taking up the challenge! From our side we really enjoyed discovering how you had the power to fill up people's lives with amazing colours ;).

Here is the message of the client: Thank you for everyone who participated. All the thoughts and executions were an inspiration to us.

Now some drum rolls please... The winners are ... :

1st Prize of 10,000€ goes to vaaal31 for WITHOUT HAT

We really appreciated the creative thinking behind this video. The smart twist was something we were looking for and we got it from this video. Thank you.

2nd Prize of 7,000€ goes to Landonson for Vibrant

 The consumer understanding is excellent. This video really portrays the reality behind a "Woman's subconscious". We enjoyed watching it and it was an inspiration to us.

3rd Prize of 5,000€ goes to niwina for Life in Color (Self-confidence)

We really liked the execution and the thinking behind this video. It was very enjoyable watching it.

4th Prize of 3,000€ goes to Ji_sanghoon for Colorful shining star

Simple and brilliant. Another example of how simplicity spreads the message and can be executed with intelligence.

Congrats to all the winners for the incredible work done! And thanks to the participants of this great contest! 

PS: Don't forget to visit our new website, and discover the results of this contest HERE!