Big boy Dear Community, We are glad to give you the results of this much challenging contest organized for a growing up milk brand called Dutch Lady. The challenge was the following: Design an appealing poster and imagine promotional ideas to make growing-up milk so appealing to the big boys and girls that when they see it in a shop, they will ask their mother to buy it! Before discovering the winner, let's read the overall comments from the jury:

It was indeed a very tough task to choose the winners as we have received many equally interesting submissions. Thank you so much for all your effort and do continue to let the creative juice flowing!

Best Regards

1st Prize of 3 000€ goes to matocg for Super-Hero made from milk - Action Figure

Kids loves super heros. This premium plays an important role to: 1. Drive pester power of kids - to buy the milk because i want the superhero 2. Associate milk with something that is cool - superheros 3. Get kids to think and be creative - allow them something to do - paint and customise the superheros.

Matocg did not share his comments with us yet.

2nd Prize of 1,500€ goes to Nata_Bereznyak for Djaffy Kid

Interesting and creative premium that entices mothers to buy more for collection and for 'connection'. The more you buy, the longer and creative the straw could be. This premium challenges kids creativity and smartness which ties very well with the smart proposition that the brand has.

"This is a second competition for me.  And I am very glad that the “Dutch Lady” company liked my package design. I tried to come up with something interesting and attractive to children. Thank you very much for appreciating my design. I will work with new ideas for new Eyeka contests."

3rd Prize of 500€ goes to freddyas96 for GROW BIRDS

This premium is a practical yet exciting premium that would be loved by Mom and kids alike. With the different designs, mom would be able to collect many interesting designs. The bottle neck that is expandable also communicates growth - kids growth from drinking milk.

Hi all, I am very happy to have been chosen as the third place winner in this contest! Since I saw the brief I was excited with the competition, I like to make creations for children. In this case the idea I presented was: "BIRDS GROWING" and I think it will be very nice when done! This is the first contest I won on this platform, which seems to me very well structured and very good customers, and their competitions are quality. I hope that in my case, I can be a "WINNER GROWING"! To the whole community: I've seen some great ideas in the different competitions! Keep on! Soon you will reach your prize. Fred"

Thank you all for your participation and great entries submitted ! You did great! See you soon for a next contest. Cheers!