Dear eYeka community, The month of April is here and we want to honor one of you as our creator of the month. Meet Andrés Arocha, or more closely known as Jackarocha here in eYeka. Andres participated in 2 contests and won BOTH of them! He is a super animator for the contests Gillette Football and Declare Your Independence. What did he do with his prize money? He bought himself motorbike! How cool is that? :)  


My name is Andrés Arocha, I'm from Bucaramanga (best known as THE BEAUTIFUL CITY) in Colombia. I'm a Graphic Designer who loves the videogames and 2D animation specially. In my whole life I have won (before eYeka) one was the 1st prize in a national contest doing an art to show that smoking is a bad thing and that you have to kick that kind of addictions out of your life.

3 - Bike

Tell us more about what you do and your works. 

I'm one of the co-founders of a really cool videogames developing company here in my country called Below the game and I'm the art director... We are just beginning but we are doing great so far. Actually some of my best animations I have ever done are the videos that I've created for the eYeka contests, are a couple of my digital drawings.

Andres Compilation

How did you find out eYeka? And why did you decide to participate? 

One friend of mine talked me about eYeka and how to share my art and how nice could it be (but he has never participated). When I saw for the very first time one contest in was funny because it was about Gillete and I was shaving my face and head with the razor that was specifically the razor for the contest and it was like a call you I said...let's try and go for it..I said to my self " I've lost my hair so I don't have much more to lose in this moment XD".

You submitted 2 entries and you won BOTH of them! What is the secret behind your success? 

I think that the secret is to tell one story that people could feel atracted, fun is my personal way to see the life...I put some fun on my creations...and I always show something that has happen to me, the hard work is indespensable, I do all by myself for the videos so I have to go to the office from 8am to 6pm...and when I participate in some contest I usually work from 6:30pm to 11:00pm for 10 days, that's my goal... I know I don't have much time because of my regular job, so I have to put my heart and soul and I do my best trying not wasting not even a minute.

You mentioned that winning the declare independence contest is very meaningful for you. Please share your story with us! Why is it so important to you? 

Well...I'm building my own apartment because I want to be independent...(that's the reason why I participated in the "Declare Independence" contest)...and this couple of prizes I have won means a lot for me because I began the construction of my place with my saved money, but when I was like...stoping the apartment's building...eYeka came into my life and now I have almost the money I need to finish this life project that is my greatest achievement so far and eYeka has helped me a lot, believe's why this is sooo damn meaningful to me, winning this prizes means that I build my creative soul and my own place to keep creating my stuff...and that's great for me.

What are the things you like about eYeka and what are the things you think can be improved in the future? 

Thanks to eYeka I have worked in my greatest projects ever till today I really like the oportunity to create cool things for big companys and overall that you take into account the 2D animation as a tool to show people different ideas and prove that you can make cool things with a camera but also without one. On the other hand would be great not just know who won but see the videos and animations of the winners...if now you can do that please tell me where, because I don't know where to find the winners videos and I would love to see the others works.

As a professional, do you have any advice to your fellow creators who wants to improve? We have many amateurs in eYeka and sometimes they are afraid to participate or they don't know what to do to improve themselves. What can you say to inspire them? 

Try at least once just for improve yourself...test your creative the best animation you can...and don't do it for money...(ok not only :D) because you will be in focused on the wrong goal...if you have fun creating, people will notice and you will become in one of the winners. This kind of contest can make you a better and stronger creator, so use this opportunity to show to the world what you can do.

Any concluding words?

Thank you for helping to show myself that I am doing good stuff... God bless you guys ah... Keep Creating!

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Thank you Andres for sharing your inspirational story with us. We hope you like your motorbike and keep sharing your awesome works with us! :)