ce3ac3604b8801318f7a0a1e24287e51 Two months after the Real Hero contest ended, we finally have the winners! :) We would like to thank you all the participants for showing us how tires are the real heroes behind a happy journey, by supporting our lives and enjoyment no matter what happens on the way. Here's the message that the jury wants to share with all of you:

We really appreciate your participating the contest. Agencies are suffering with lack of innovative ideas about tire's communication. We are stimulated by all of your creative works. This kind of collaboration work will lead us the future style of advertising business.

And here are the winners: 1st Prize (3,000€) goes to ram with for your Life's Journey The idea is great and the quality is high and it successfully appeal the premium image we had requested.
We are very much happy that eYeka has opened the opportunity on sharing and showcasing everyone's creative ideas worldwide. We are a team of (3)Three and in every project we must put our heart into it - make it simple and clear as it can be. We try to explore every angle in order to crack the best solution we can find. Our process always starts with a fight.  All of us throw all our ideas out for every exciting project and end up fighting for our own ideas. So we stop and take a break. Pause for a while. And then we regroup to review and discuss on what we have. When the fight is over. That is the time when we get to choose the idea that we are most happy with and same applies to our execution process. We fight and craft the best out of it.
  2nd Prize (1,500€) goes to charly-dh with Seasons We love the idea that shows how tires are supporting us through different seasons.
I was very inspired by this contest so I joined the game with the help of a friend and we had the idea of this poster. I created it with a multitude of questions, and finally we achieved a result that I liked, & which was visually impactful to me while perfectly conveying the message of the client. I was glad to see that I was not totally wrong and I thank eYeka for all these opportunities. Good day to all and good luck for the next contest.
  3rd Prize (500€) goes to kubuside with like mothers, tires take care of us We're amazed by the unexpected metaphor, but it give us the big impact. 
I am very happy to know that my work was selected as the 3rd prize for Real  Hero contest. In December 2013, my poster won the first prize of the Indonesian Ombudsman poster design contest, I became addicted to participate in such contest, then I started searching for the poster design contest through Google and  finally I found eYeka website. I am very happy to join eYeka but one thing that I regret is: why did I find out eYeka so late? In fact eYeka is already 6 years old! But it's better late to know than not at all :) Thank you eYeka for appreciating my work. Hopefully I can win the next contests :)
  Thank you all the participants and congratulations to the winners! Great job :)