4d8fc62092f60131e9f10a1e24287e51 Oyster sauce is an essential condiment in Asian cuisine. Traditionally, it is made by slowly simmering oysters in water until the juices caramelize into a thick, brown, intensely flavorful sauce. Beyond Asian dishes, oyster sauce can be used for marinating, dipping, stewing meat, etc. Great taste doesn't travel by itself but it is important to let foodies around the world know the best tasting, original, high-quality oyster sauces from Lee Kum Kee. We are calling all creative minds who love food for help. Can you design a high quality and impressive print ad (with an insightful and catchy tagline) that creatively connects the superiority and delicious taste of Lee Kum Kee’s premium oyster sauces to those who love cooking and eating?

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  There will be 3 winners with a total prize of 5,000€:
#1 Prize 5,000€ #2 Prize 1,500€ #3 Prize 500€
Get creative and submit your entries by 23 April 2014! Looking forward to seeing your entries! :)