ed8307003017013170530a1e24287e51 (3)   It's not easy to invent a totally new, healthy yet tasty snack for children, still, you managed to send us original and amazing entries for Farmer Bob contest. We would like to thank you for your time and effort in this contest! You can see client's message for you:

Thanks all the participants for the great work, your entries are very insightful to us. Thanks again for your participation.

So here are the winners chosen by the client, you can the jury's comments and winners' winning comments below as well: 1st Prize (4000€) goes to astahov (Russia) for  fermer_bob_j "Simple, impactful & met the brief, it's a new & achievable concept, premium concept & very consumer relevant."
I am very excited about this winning in this competition! Thank you for the opportunity. Every creative people can participate and have the chance to win. And it's cool!
2nd Prize (2000€) goes to bubays (Philippines) for Spread Pens on Granola Sheets "Creative nutrition, good balance of nutrition & playability, highly attractive for kids."
Once again, this is a contest I almost passed up on joining due to certain commitments & time constraints I faced before the deadline but because I believed in my idea, I knew I had to dedicate some time to create my entry, albeit how rushed it was. This is the 3rd time an entry I submitted got selected as winner and I am really grateful to eYeka for hosting these contests. It bridges the gap between major brands and unrecognised creatives like myself. I also recognised my affinity for creative product idea thanks to eYeka. Thank you jury also for selecting my entry as the winner. It was such an honor. My advice is to never stop learning & just keep on creating. Do not make money the primary purpose in joining contests, because it will only limit your focus in creating a good entry. Instead, make recognition & betterment of your craft your goal.
3rd Prize (500€) goes to klak (France) for Funny snack ball "Good balance of nutrition & playability, unwrapping cues highlight nutrition, fun and interactive."
When I have time and when I feel inspired, I love to participate in eYeka contests. When I receive an award, it boosts me and it makes me want to continue to rack my brains on new projects. I enjoyed the challenges of the "Farmer Bob" competition and I would love to see the entries of the creators who received the 1st and 2nd prize. (Congratulations to them!)
Congrats to the winners! We would also like to thank you all the participants for your creative entries! You can also access the results of the contest here. :)