cadbury Hello eYeka, Today we are happy to announce the winners for Cadbury and Oreo contest whereby we ask you to design an innovative in store display for your favorite snacks. Thank you for all your participation. Here is the client's feedback:
Dear participants Thank you for the overwhelming responses and we are thrilled and fascinated over the creative ideas contributed by designers from many different countries. We certainly can see the amount of efforts being rendered by our enthusiasts, and would like to express our appreciation for your dedicated participation. We are excited to find such great potential in our winning entries that could lead us to many positive possibilities. Without your support, this project would not have been a success that it was. Once again, I thank you for your participation and passion in helping us to make this a fruitful exercise.
Now, let us look at the winners for this contest with some comments from clients and the winners: 1st Prize (EUR 3,000) - bary519 (Singapore) with Modular Design Store Display There are ample flexibilities and possibilities in formation and display based on the honeycomb shape. Great opportunity for housing a few brands in a single display, and eye-catching at the same time.
Thank you to eyeka for the wonderful experience  and giving us equal opportunity to participate, create,share ideas. i have fun participating all the contest.
2nd Prize (EUR 1,500) - nicolasfontaine (Belgium) with Suspended Display Space saving and ability to break the monotonous shelving pattern in a supermarket. Clean, neat and easy to display the products. An unique concept which is one-of-its kind and maximise space effectively.
When I heard the news I was really happy. It is the second time that I win a contest in eYeka. My idea was really simple and I didn’t expect to win anything. Glad that Cadbury liked my creation and I hope it will be useful to them.
3rd Prize (EUR 500) - bhubz02 (Singapore) with TornadOreo The impactful design has an indication of fun and movement, with huge brand presence. The multi directional display is able to make good use of limited space to facilitate easy shopping. The structure is also flexible enough to implement various theme for different festive seasons.
eYeka was introduced to me by my fiancée months ago and decided herself that we, as a team of two, join all ongoing contest. It was all about the beer display contests at that time. I gave a few simple ideas and we bagged second place. A few more contest later and we got another cool win. Thanks eYeka!
Congratulations to the winners and thank you all the participants for your creative entries! You can also access the results of the contest as well as the winning entries here!