skol aluminum Hello eYeka! The time has come to announce the results of our Skol Aluminum bottle contest in which we asked you to turn Skol’s trendy aluminum bottle into the perfect cool gift for friends with your graphic design proposal. We received many creative ideas from you guys, and in the end there were 68 accepted entries! Here  are the 3 of them, selected as winners together with the client's comments: 1st Prize goes to abprojektai (France) for PARTY TATOO
It is an unusual gift for beer brand (maybe unpublished) and this entry presents some bold urban looks, tuned with young attitude.
I think that was couple years ago when I found eYeka. Then I browsed around the page and decided that this must be some kind of joke. I was never heard about crowd-sourcing before. Half year ago I have found eyeka again, and surprise surprise! after many attempts I have won my 1st prize! I think this is great principle of collaboration between brands and creative people. It is like a cloud of ideas from different view angles and design styles from all over the world! I like "Skol" style of aluminium bottle:)..And they fresh and contemporary look into design in general. This time our design taste concurred:) 2nd Prize goes to chintami (Indonesia) for Celebrating Friendship
Story is about Toasting situations with friends, it is Skol DNA. Concept is to incentive an storytelling. Graphic solution reflects Skol personality: cool, urban, fun.
I’m so happy and grateful that my entry is chosen as the 2nd winner. I have known this brand for quite a long time. And the story behind the name “Skol” itself has inspired me. It’s really a deep, thoughtful and meaningful concept, but displayed in a light, joyful and easy going style. That’s great and I’m so proud to participate. Thank you! 3rd Prize goes to globalblack (Russia) for Concept Aluminum bottles Skol
Tightly linked with new Skol campaigns about vacation travels with friends. It is an original gift, form the Functional territory which encourage people to save the present for its use long after the drinking.
I learned about eYeka from the Internet, stumbled on the site and decided to participate. I had a little free time and I decided to try my hands in the competition, before that I had never participated in the competitions, and did not expect to be able to win a prize from the first time. After I read the conditions of the competition "Skol" I immediately had the idea and I decided to implement it and send it, as you can see it was not bad. I did not expect to win, of course was very happy. I am working with a friend, we have a small advertising agency, a young but very promising, I believe in it Congrats all the winners and participants, you all did great! Good luck!