Hello  eYeka creators, Today we would like to introduce you to our creator of the month - andrewdonoho1 - a talented and passionate video-maker and animator from the USA.  He joined us last year and got the jury's love in his very first contest winning a second prize in Fa- Feel fantastic.


Andrew has been making movies since he was a kid and now he already is finishing and he has recently finished the production of his first film. Before going further lest watch his video reel, and see some of the best pieces of his works. Please introduce yourself, tell us more about the place you are coming from, your background, what do you do besides eYeka.
My name is Andrew Donoho, I'm a director based out of Atlanta.  I've been making videos for longer than I can remember, and am lucky enough to do it professionally.  I direct small commercials and industrials professionally, but I just finished production on my first feature film.
  Why did you join eYeka and why do you join online contests in general?
I began searching for contests after a few years of directing corporate videos in Atlanta- hoping for the freedom to inject more creativity and thought into my work.  After a few weeks of browsing, I stumbled onto Eyeka.  I found myself drawn to the community, the clients, and the extremely helpful support team.


  You joined eYeka not a long time ago and won a prize in the very first contest – that’s amazing! How do you explain your success? How did you spend your prize? ;)
I chose Fa first because I liked the brief, liked the brand, and saw the opportunity to make something beautiful.  We didn't expect much, and the process was a bit of an experiment.  Winning came as a huge surprise, and was honestly one of the greatest feelings I've ever gotten from the success of a project.  The money was great, but I put the money straight into post-production for my film, Heavy Water.  I'm happy to do what I love, and spending money on the project is just as satisfying as a new car or a camera.
  You also participated in the contest from Toshiba with a great entry, it was both video and animation, tell about the animation and its part in your life.
I entered the Toshiba contest next, which was a very interesting experience for me.  I do a great deal of visual effects, and my interest in film actually began in animation.  I took on the contest as a passion project to expand my 3d knowledge, and enjoy the animating process for the first time in almost a decade.  I loved it.  Contests have proven to be a great means of experimenting and playing, which I've found to be a great joy when most projects have the pressure for traditional perfection.  I didn't place in the contest, but it's been one of my favorite projects thus far.
  Where do your inspirations come from? Tell us more about your creative process. Do you have a team?
I find that my favorite film directors really inspire a great deal of my commercial work.  I generally try to think of commercials as short films, and I inject want to inject them with as much density as possible.  Gerhardt Slawitschka is a longtime friend, who is my partner in crime for all contest work.  We split money and labor in half, and use each other to balance out ideas. When there is minimal information, one shot at success, and no resources, I find that it is essential to find someone that you trust to sharpen ideas, help carry the burden, and provide a fresh perspective.  Gerhardt is instrumental in making these happen, and we are about to begin another round of entries!


  What are the things you like about eYeka and what are the things you think can be improved in the future?
Through and through, Eyeka has been great.  I never expected to be able to interact with a company personally, and everyone is so kind!  The encouragement, support, and clarity have kept me coming back.  It's constantly getting better, and the moment they start making narrative film contests or giving grants for work, I'm in for life! I really hope the social media aspect (creators interacting with creators) explodes.  I would love to meet up with creatives, crew, and friends in every city, share and develop ideas with peers across the world, and be a part of an online community of creators. Anyone else who out there who is doing great work, I would love to meet you!  A creative community is my dream, and I would love to get to know anyone out there with the same ambitions.
  Do you have any projects, works which you are particularly proud of?
I just finished production on my feature film, Heavy Water.  I'm very proud of it, and can't wait to attempt festivals.  We are still working through post production, but should finish up in March.  I want to share my stories with as many people as possible, and hope to get it online for everyone out there as soon as I can. https://vimeo.com/72149527