Telefonica   Dear community, It seems that communication in Chile will be much smoother thanks to your creativity for this contest. For those who have a kind of lapse in memory, we asked you for this contest to "Wow us with a video that shows the wonders of Movistar’s Fiber Optics at home!". Well done, you woowed and inspired the jury :

Thanks everyone for participating in the Movistar Fiber contest.  For us was very important your feedback and different point of view, we we're very surprised of the quality of your work. We hope that you also participate in our future contests.

Now it's time to discover the winners and some feedback from the client in Italics:

1st Prize of 5,000€ goes to productionscarrousel for Movistar - Better than reality

It's fun, and also explains from the point of view of a non-technological person why fibra it's a whole new / different way of communication and information.

2nd Prize of 3,000€ goes to Anthony_C for Say high to the speed (variant)

It's a very simple way to make people understand the benefit of having fibra at home...

3rd Prize of 2,000€ goes to JMGPRODUCTION80 for MOVISTAR - ¡no escoge más! V2

It's a funny and original way to show and explain a benefit of Fibra, and it talks to the family, the target of the product.

Thank you all for sharing with us your amazing video and animations! It seems that the Optic fiber really inspired you! Congrats to the winners. 

You can also check the results on our Beta website here! :)