fc1a30b07aaf0131dc720a1e24287e51 (1) Chinese New Year, also known as the Spring Festival, is the most important event for the Chinese population (like Christmas in the Western world). It is a time for families, friends and colleagues to gather and celebrate the start of the New Year, wishing each other good health, longevity, luck, happiness and wealth. Now we need your help to transform Nescafé’s instant coffees into a cool and sophisticated gift for Chinese New Year, to send best wishes and sharing happiness among friends, colleagues and relatives! Create a cool yet aspirational and sophisticated Chinese New Year gift pack for Nescafé instant coffees that will become the most talked-about present among young (20 to 35), educated Chinese during social gatherings. Format: Presentations with pictures or illustrations and text. (PDF only)

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  Be among the best 3 and win one of these prizes:
#1 Prize 4,000€ #2 Prize 3,000€ #3 Prize 1,000€
The contest deadline is March 16, 2014! Feel free to contact us if you have any questions: support-en@eyeka.com Good luck! :)