Skin care premium display Hi eYeka, The results for Skin Care Premium Display contest is here. Even though this contest is unbranded but once again you have impressed us and the client with your creativity. Well done. Here is some comments from the client to all who have participated:
"A very sincere thank you to everyone who took the time to create, develop and share their wonderful and unique ideas. It was very difficult to pick the winners as there were so many new and interesting ideas that were very well executed with much professionalism and a great amount of detail."
  So here are the winners with some comments this time from the winners themselves! (you may also view the results in our new eYeka website): 1st Prize (4,000€) goes to Mike_Galeck (Spain) for Blue Inspiring
The effort and perseverance rewarded. My congratulations to the other winners. I give all the credit to my wife, that is what inspires me every day.
2nd Prize (2,000€) goes to delimagealidentite (France) for Led Video Display Boards Panels for Cosmetic Wall Unit
I wanted to thank the client for its selection and eYeka. My first participation in a contest on this platform. I'll do my best next time to reach the best creators...
3rd Prize (2,000€) goes to Gaiariva (Italy) for The Sphere
This is a very unexpected prize for me!  I started my project for this contest just 2 days before the deadline, as I had just finished to work hard for several contests...I was rather sure that I would have won some of them (but I was wrong! :<), so for this contest I decided to be "bold". I changed my usual way to work and I created more serenely because I felt "free" ... with all those good entries in the other contests. What can I say? Ok...let's say that this rule never fails with me: those things that you don't expect to happen, happen for sure. Thank you, unknown-beauty-brand for this prize ;)
4th Prize (1,000€) goes to gaelle45 (France) for Beauty mask and display
I am very happy to have won this 4th prize! Thank you especially to eYeka to have allowed me to make this very interesting competition! Cosmetics are something that I know so well due to my work experience spent **in the field of the esthetics, and I was captivated at once by the briefing! It is for me a real satisfaction to see my work rewarded!
5th Prize (1,000€) goes to MOCKI010 (Germany) for Discover the NEW BEAUTY
Thanks again for this great contest - I hope there is coming more like this.
Thank you for all who have participated. All the best for future eYeka contests! :)