Dear eYeka community, We launched eYeka seven years ago with a strong belief that creativity flourishes everywhere and that brands and creative individuals could both benefit from it. When we designed the new eYeka, we didn't start with a blank slate. Lessons we learned over the years and the feedback you shared helped us focus on creating something that hopefully better meets your needs! In the beginning of March the new website will be released in 12 different languages. You will be able to interact with leading brands through contests and questions, get feedback from fellow creatives and understand how brands leverage your output. It is faster, cleaner and you can access it from all your devices! If you haven’t done so yet, access the preview today at, and join thousands of creatives who are already enjoying the convenience and speed of the new You will see many changes, yet our mission remains the same: connecting Brands and Creatives together. We do hope it will help you be even more creative, wherever and whenever you feel like it. Impress brands with your creativity!   The eYeka Product Team