a2bb05b05e110132ab450a1e24174648   Der General, a cleaning product from Henkel,  is unique of its kind. Not only does it clean the floor perfectly and with a pleasant smell, but it repairs the floor by filling-in the smallest invisible scratches. When applied, it smoothes the surface and creates an optimal light reflection. Der General needs your help to introduce itself to people and make them want to try it in an entertaining and appealing way! Create an incredibly entertaining and unexpected video that shows what happens when your floor looks like new again, thanks to Der General cleaning and repair agent.

 Click here to view the brief and participate! 

  There will be 3 winners with a total prize of  5,000:
  • #1 Prize 15,000€
  • #2 Prize 10,000€
  • #3 Prize 5,000€
Get creative and submit your entries by 26 January 2015! Looking forward to seeing your entries! :)