Itau CoWorking - launched Dec2014   The world of financial services is reinventing itself with increasing speed, thanks to the progress of technology. A host of start-ups and entrepreneurs are creating new services, apps and products that change the way banks, brokers and ordinary people operate. When they start, these entrepreneurs do not always have the funds to have their own office. They often rent in a “co-working” space. A co-working space is a building or an office that is shared by a number of companies and individuals, all working on their own projects, but sharing the environment and the facilities. It is cheaper than renting the whole place for yourself, and you get to mingle with a lot of other entrepreneurs, which makes the place very dynamic and full of ideas. Often entrepreneurs find their first clients or partners within their co-working space. How would you design the ideal co-working space for financial tech entrepreneurs, to give them the physical, emotional and mental support to make their dreams a reality?

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