Dear all, It’s time to meet our Creator of the Month! For this month, we would like to introduce Nicolas MAILLET a.k.a Soulliquor on eYeka.  You may have seen this name many times in winners announcement as this talented creator has won 9 prizes so far! Let’s know more about him through our short interview below:
Hi, I’m Soulliquor. My real name is Nicolas MAILLET. I’m from France. I’m 36 years old and I am a teacher in Biology & Geology. I love Life, and this is why I try to fulfill myself with plenty of different things. I’ve been really inspired by the movie “Yesman” with Jim Carrey. Truly. Say Yes to what the others ask you and your life will be richer!


You have been with eYeka for quite a while. May I know did you find out eYeka at that time? And why did you decide to participate in the eYeka contest?
I found eYeka in 2011, that’s right. I was looking for a way to get fun with my brand new Canon EOS T2i video to test the functionality… I was thinking the best way to have fun was to have a goal, a project, so I googled "video contest" and found eYeka, the website was pretty well done and clear. And winning money while getting fun ? Let’s try !!! When I uploaded my video for my first eYeka contest - SFR, I told myself this was not the best work I can do. I told myself I can do a better job next time, and so on... and so on till today.
So you are actually a Biology & Geology teacher! What a surprise! May I know when did you start to make videos and what makes you want to try something different?
I have always been attracted by TV commercials. When I was 6-7 years old, the great things that I found on TV were the commercials : short and funny. Until Today I still don’t watch TV a lot… boring thing. But when I see the commercials, my eyes are always widely open !!! Some Ads are really fantastic, I really appreciate the perfume Ads… so beautiful each time. When I got my first video camera, I immediately started to play with it on eYeka.  My first ever done video was for SFR contest on eYeka :)
And then you started to win on eYeka! Can you share with us how did you learn video-making by yourself? We have many amateurs here, so your experience may be very helpful to them.
I was making pictures before doing videos. I think video-making also depends on how you take pictures, compose your shots… so I think photography is the basis of video-making. I learned video-making by myself, by watching tutorials on Youtube… In the past 5-6 years, I’ve watched some really FANTASTIC free tutorials of Aaron Nace @ too. This man is really, truly, madly an inspiring person.   He explains his mistakes and the ways to succeed in the projects he has done… He's a master for me! Another thing I like to watch is also the "Behind the scenes" of some big movies… I like to check the techniques of how they make the shots.
Thanks for sharing your experience. Can you also tell us your creative process of joining eYeka contest?

Nicolas 2

I read the contest brief several times. This is the first step to know what the client wants. Then I leave it for a while, without trying to get an idea immediately. Brain works “underground”. One week more or less, I will then read the brief again to see if I can find some different ways to work on it, some different points of view. I check every detail from the brief, not to forget any one,  like a sort of checklist. Then I start to ask myself some questions  - the questions that the brief asks. I try to put me in client's situation and try to find answers. And then some ideas come - some are realistic, some are totally strange… I don’t limit myself with rational ideas, sometimes I have really strange ideas lol. I usually write down 2 or 3 ideas then I propose the ideas to my wife, playing the scenes and characters myself in my bedroom or in the kitchen with her - that’s usually the funniest step! If my wife can imagine the idea well and can understand the connection between the brief & the idea, that is a good idea. If she starts to ask questions because she doesn’t understand this or that, this may not be a good idea… My wife is an important part of my creative process, because when you’re convinced of something, you’re not objective anymore. Ask your friends to get the connection between your concept and the brief. Sometimes I show them my idea to see if it is enough clear. This is how i do.
Very detailed and useful, thank you :)  You have been with eYeka for 3 years, may I know if participating or winning on eYeka ever changed your life?
Winning of cause gave me opportunities to buy some lights, lenses, etc… All these tools help me create work. Also, I have a daughter. She’s 1 year old… She was the reason that I quit my job of Biologist for 6 months, I just want to see her growing up. So I didn't have any pay during those 6 months. But eYeka was there, winning makes me a fulfilled and happy father thanks to eYeka. I eventually had the chance to see my daughter growing in the best conditions. No price for that :) eYeka is a well built crowd-sourcing platform. It functions well. I appreciate the chance of speaking with other members. They’re always cool! I can think of Carlos Takemoto, Brooklight, Rico3569... I always watch their videos and animations with interests :)
Thank you for sharing your stories. Lastly, can you share with us your inspiration and your future plans?
My inspiration are TV commercials from perfume brands : Dior, Chanel  etc. The cast and crew really amaze me, the results are so wonderful, especially the lights, colors, composition. The last As that kicked my ass was the one for Schweppes with Penelope Cruz - The music, that wild feeling, the screenplay just WOW everything! In September 2015, I will start my Director career thanks to eYeka. As I’m opening a little company to get 100% of my time for it. Hope it will succeed!

Nicolas 3

It's excited to hear that you are opening your own company, Nicolas! We hope to see more creative videos from you and wish you all the best with your future work :)