Hello everyone on eYeka!

We have entered the second month of the fall and that means it is a time to meet another great creator! Today we will travel to Canada to meet DevonFerguson! Devon is an extraordinary videomaker, who has joined us this year but has already been awarded in two contests: Sustainability and Easy Mac. Let's watch Devons' outstanding work for Sustainability contest:  

 Please introduce yourself!

Hi, my name is Devon Ferguson, I’m an Actor/Director/Editor/Musician from Toronto Canada but currently living in Vancouver I studied acting in college and learned how to edit and pretty much everything else I know how to do off watching youtube vids:)


You joined eYeka in 2014 and have already won in 2 video contests. How did you find out about eYeka and why did you decide to participate in online contests?

I found out about Eyeka by googling video contest one day and I’m glad I did. Eyeka contest give me an opportunity to practice every facet of filmmaking from idea all the way through to post production. I never went to film school so the more practice I get the better.

Tell us your story with video creation. How did you start and when? How did you learn creating videos?

Being a struggling actor I decided to purchase my very first video camera a dvx100b a long time ago and started to produce shoot my own work. That was almost 8 years ago and since then my skillset in front of the camera and behind have greatly improved. I wish it happened overnight sometimes but I also believe I’ve learned more from losing contest than I have did from winning. But winning is still my favorite:)

All your videos are very creative, fun and always top quality. Do you work in a team?

I’m fortunate to work with some very talented DP’s on certain projects and on others I just do it myself. Usually on a typical shoot day there will be a DP a camera assistant and myself.

Most of them tell the story in a form of a rap. Why rap? ☺

I love making music more than filming or acting or anything, but I don’t pursue it professionally so any chance I can rap or make a song I will.

Tell us about your creative process. How do you start working on your next video? Do you start with music, rap lyrics or the script first? Do you create the costumes yourself?

I do almost everything myself and I love every bit of the creative process. first I start by reading the brief multiple times to fully understand what the brand is looking for then I figure out the story I’m going to tell and how the message will be incorporated into the song. Usually the song is done two weeks before shooting so I have time to location scout make costumes and get the all the extras or actors I need.


As a professional, do you have any advice to your fellow creators who want to improve? We have many amateurs on eYeka and sometimes they are afraid to participate or they don’t know what to do to develop their skills.

Practice makes perfect. As much as you can, find reasons to film and tell your stories. I love deadlines for contest because it really pushes me to get the projects made. Work with what you got. Really try to use all and any of the resources you have to get the most out them and maximize your production quality. Even at a semi- Pro and Pro level there is never enough money in the budget to satisfy the directors vision and compromises are constantly being made. Your job as Director is to know what you can and can’t compromise to tell your story.

Do you have project(s) that you are very proud of?

3 years back I created a web series called How to be an Actor that I’m very Proud of: http://howtobeanactorseries.com/   Thank you Devon for sharing with us your story. We are looking forward to seeing more of your great work and wish you best of luck in your creative career!