"Make a difference in our society and do good to people by inventing a new beer that is socially responsible. Go beyond personal pleasure and imagine how beer could do more to help people and contribute to society." this was your challenge!!

Congrats, you came up with original and innovative ideas for this contest! You impressed us!!

Now we are sure that you are curious to know the winners, so here they are with some comments from them in Italics:

1st Prize of 3000€ goes to alan27 (Singapore) for The Social Awareness Beer

This is my first time winning a contest with eYeka and I'm really excited about it. This is definitely the best way to end 2013 and I am extremely motivated to continue working on more eYeka contests in 2014 and beyond. Thank you eYeka and your client for selecting my work as a winning entry.

2nd Prize of 1,500€ goes to Yvetteeuro (New zealand) for GGG Hit the Spot

"I know I’m not the only one. Like many designers who work independently, for me it’s neither the imagining nor the creating that’s the difficult part; give me almost any topic and my mind is bursting with ideas. It’s the self-promotion that is the problem. The nature of our work demands we set our own standards, become our own judges, then sell out verdicts. We believe we know instinctively whether something is right or not and often spend hours of unpaid time getting it ‘perfect’. It’s not that we lack marketing skills; we can be brilliant at selling someone else’s services or products. However, when it comes to our own work, we not only want, but we often expect it to speak for itself. Catatonia is common when it comes to blowing our own private trumpets. However, just like the crash of the tree in the forest, public audience is what ultimately gives our work validation in the real world. All I can say therefore, is “Thank you EYEKA for facilitating competitions like this one; it’s fun and exciting to be challenged without the pressure of having to ‘sell one’s soul’ along with one’s work."

3rd Prize of 500€ goes to jhardwick2 (UK) for Safety Thirst

Thanks eYeka for another interesting contest. It was challenging to combine a socially acceptable goal with beer drinking, but I am glad that the judges thought mine to be worthy of a prize.

Thanks a lot to all of you who participated in this contest! And congrats to the winners for their Prize!

Check the winner's announcement on our new website here!!