Dear creators,

Today is time for us to reveal the name of the Friso winners. This contest was not that easy as it was all about telling a surprising and positive story that shows moms that nothing is more precious than those quality moments they share with their children. You all found the good words and you managed to seduce the jury with your entries.

Besides, here is the client's message for all the participants:

"Thank you for all the submissions. We saw some really good work done here; creative, touching, relevant; and it's great to see there are so many different angles and also expressions through our brief. Congratulations to everyone and we appreciate the hard work put in developing the videos. Looking forward to your participation in future for upcoming briefs."

  Now it's time for us to announce the name of the winners: 1st Prize of 5000€ goes to ericdraven (Spain) for how to thank you.....?

"Hi ericdraven, thank you for your submission and it turns out to be an excellent piece of work. We felt that overall the video that you have created manage to capture the essence of the brief as well of what Friso’s brand stands for. And we also enjoyed the little kid with his narration in the video as well. The treatment and quality of the video was good too. Congratulations on the good work!"

Making this film was a great challenge for me, because as Hichtcock said, is not easy working with children, but that made the end result much more interesting. It was a great experience and I really like the idea of sharing the experience of winning this award with this kid and his mother. I know they both enjoyed making it too and this will be a great memory when the kid grows and look back. Let´s hope there will not be codecs issues when he is older and he can share it with his mother forever.

2nd Prize of 3,000€ goes to rico3569 (France) for Mimicry

"Hi rico3569, thank you for your submission. The video you have created does indeed capture what the modern mums are; busy with work, going through house chores and sometimes doing multiple tasks at one time. In the end of the day, the time and moments spent together is indeed the most important for a mum and her child. Good work!"

Rico did not share his comments with us yet.

3rd Prize of 2000€ goes to productionscarrousel (France) for Friso - The eyes of the beginner

"Hi productionscarrousel, thank you for your submission. We liked the way that you presented the idea in the video and we find it quite aspirational as well. The quality was good as well and we felt the emotional connection to it. Well done!"

Productioncarrousel did not share his comments with us yet.

Thank you all for your participation! You did great so congrats to all the participants.

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