Dear eYeka community,

First of all we would like to wish you a happy new year 2014, with many successful project and great surprises through the year.

Today for our first creator of the year, we decided to introduce you with a French creator called MarinaPambou, she was born on January, 6th so you can still wish her a happy birthday!! She joined 11 contests so far and even though she did not win any yet she is a very talented creator with an Hybrid profile, which we are sure, will bring her success soon, luckily this year in 2014!

marina pambou


Hi Marina, can you introduce yourself to us?

I'm Marina and I come from France. I have kind of a hybrid schooling. I studied social sciences where I had classes in sociology and political science. But I also had an option in "communication". And I ended by studying sustainable development. So I have a multidisciplinary and hybrid profile.

About the communication, I was in charge of the editorial, in an institutional way, etc.., And less in charge of the creative side. However, I really love to create , be it videos, graphics, etc ... So I participated in competitions just to release the creative side overflowing. Today, as many people in France, I'm looking for a job, and I'm also looking for a way to go to live abroad. I'm thinking of the Anglo-Saxon countries that seems to correspond to my hybrid profile.

Thus eYeka contests enable you to remain active?

Exactly, it enables me to remain active!  Because it stimulates people. Competitions require you to face a problematic ... It is as if you were in front of a client actually. I found eYeka by chance. I knew the contest Génération Pub, so I participated through the eYeka platform and that's how I discovered that there were lots of other competitions.

How do you choose the competitions in which you participate ?

Usually, I like competitions like the Positive Marketing contest , where there is a comm' -marketing strategy to conceptualize. Finally I like strategic kind of contest. Otherwise any other contests that are really challenging. Like Hyundai contest for example, which I found really good in terms of brief, because it is true that car for us are just something to ride, and it was a real challenge to find a way to make the audience understand that a car is actually something else. Besides, Toyota brief was a bit similar but introduced differently. The fact that I've worked in the car industry made me understood that to sell a car, manufacturers usually try to play on the emotional rather than on the mechanics. For Hyundai, I immediatly found the idea. For me a car is a Jukebox . It is a place where we listen to music. I started from there. Hence the story of the dancer, a person to whom any kind of things happen.

For you what is the ideal competition?

This is a difficult question. It is true that this year I really liked the contest called "Gaspillage Alimentaire" (Food Waste). I participated in others, but this year I was happy of what I did. Even though I lost in this one, I enjoyed the problematic, it reminded me of my studies in sustainable development ... It was a great one! I particularly loved the brief and the creative process.

Thus what really matter to you is to practice and getting experience right?

Exactly. Getting experience is very important. I think that the human being is a creation specialist. It's not just about money. Because prices on eYeka are not necessarily huge. So I think there is something else that motivates us, it is because we are creative beings.

My sources of inspiration

This is a difficult question because everything around me can be a source of inspiration ...

However, I think there are three main important points:

For videos, for example, I 'll start working on the music before the images! I listen to everything , including classical music but I especially love the deep house music or even innovative persons such as Michael Jackson, Daft Punk or Deep Forest.

I love when I have the opportunity to insert images reflecting the diversity of humanity ... This is what I tried to do for the NESTLÉ Fitness competition... The Brief was to wish happy new year 2014 to women worldwide. So I chose to put pictures of women worldwide, in various stages of life with messages that can affect us all. I used the same principle for the Sup de Pub contest on food waste by highlighting people from five continents.

And finally, humor I love to laugh so I get inspiration from many comedy films, especially those of Louis de Funès (my favorite French actor) , and this especially when I have the opportunity to be funny in a creation.

What are your wishes for 2014?

I wish the eYeka community and their relatives much happiness, I hope that the community will grow more and more, and that we will have amazing briefs and creations for 2014! The Greek philosopher Socrates said "All I know is that I know nothing" we always learn in a contest and it is always a positive experience even when you lose! So do not feel discouraged!

I also wish a happy 2014 year to all those who contribute to my projects, thanks for their patience and positive thoughts: my family (in terms of photographic models, art critics or props / driver / light technician, I sometimes make them crazy!), my friends (they will recognize!), the people I meet unexpectedly (Nicolas Andres, Henri Lasserre, Marina Ivanicenko) or those who spend time with me to encourage and advise me while they did not know me like Benitah Robert (France) and Harri Grace (UK). Finally, a special thought for the talented dancer Alexandra Rea (Companies Uzume and Choream, France): she did 67 shots for Hyundai contest! The list of people who support us in our projects is never exhaustive but if you helped me, you will know!

As for me, actually I do not necessary want to win a contest ... I especially wish me a lot of creativity and to improve myself technically and for my artistic level in 2014! If I win a competition, it’s great, otherwise it does not matter: the important thing is to improve and persevere!

Thanks a lot for your interview Marina!! See you soon!