Doncafe Dear Creators, Today we are glad to announce results of the Doncafe Pack design contest, in which we asked you to create a new, irresistible label design for Doncafe sachets and boxes. First of all, thank you for your hard work, many of you managed to create amazing designs. Here are the word from the client:
Thank you all so much for your great work! We had diverse and very high quality submissions.
Let's discover the winners: 1st Prize (4,000€) goes to AnnaNThang (USA) for Bold & Rich - Design Presentation
We love this design! It is indulgent, premium looking and differentiates the variants clearly from each other. Thank you!
AnnaNThang: "I would like to thank eYeka for the amazing opportunities they provide to all of us.  I love doing packaging design, playing with colors, textures, patterns, layout. I drank a lot of coffee while designing my entries! I'm very grateful to the jury for selecting my design as first place. I put so much love, hard work and energy into my designs and it was recognized. Thank you!!" 2nd Prize (2,000€) goes to savanovic (USA) for New Look For Doncafe
Thank you for the great design. We love how the irresistible scent is visualized so delicately coming out of the cup. We also like how the sachets look in the box - as if coming out of the cup. Thank you!
savanovic: "eYeka is a great place to test your design abilities and learn how to be more competitive in the industry. Contests that this community provides are always very interesting and challenging and they help you learn from each project you enroll in. “Doncafe” is a company very well known to me because I grew up in Eastern Europe and I’ve been drinking their coffees for many years. I work for international clients and this was just a great opportunity to design something for Balkan’s market. I wanted to create a design that will stand out from typical designs for coffee packages and I’m very happy that “Doncafe” team recognized and appreciated that idea. Winning a prize for your work is always very fulfilling experience because we all put so much thought and work into our designs and nothing makes an artist happier than seeing his work being noticed and awarded. I was really thrilled to find out I won second place and I would like to use this opportunity to congratulate other winners as well as all other designers who, I’m sure, provided good quality solutions. Sometimes we think we have amazing idea and can get discouraged to see that it didn’t pay off financially but I think that if you are doing graphic design because you truly love it, and this is something you would do even if you are not paid for, then one day someone, somewhere will recognize that passion and that talent. Being patient, persistent and consistent with learning and improving will take you far." 3rd Prize (2,000€) goes to... AnnaNThang !! (USA) for Doncafe Sensual movement swoosh
Thank you for this great design. We love how the fluid lines symbolize irresistible scent and how well the different colors represent the different variants. It has a modern and fresh look. Thank you!
AnnaNThang: "This second win came as a big surprise! I'm so very proud and happy to have two wins in this contest. I researched competitors to make sure that I stood apart from the competition and took it up a notch! It was my goal to understand the brief very carefully and wanted to present something elegant, sensual, energetic and sophisticated. Thank you to all of the eYeka team and to the jury especially for selecting my designs!" 4th Prize (1,000€) goes to Alex-Dem (Spain) for The essence of a good Doncafe
We like very much how the fluid design represents scent in such a modern and fresh way. Thank you!
5th Prize (1,000€) goes to gaelle45 (France) for DONCAFE Design stick & packaging
We like very much how you leveraged the coffee bean to dramatize sensuality and differentiate the different variants. Thank you!
gaelle45: "I know eYeka from a friend who recommended me to participate to register me on your site because himself participated in the competitions which it found very rewarding! I like  your competitions very much, they are diversified and attractive. It is very interesting to be able to contribute(compete) for big brands ! I appreciated well this competition because I love the creation of packaging! DONCAFE wanted to emphasize its product and it inspired me at once. When I learned that I won I did not believe in it! I had to reread three times your e-mail to be sure that I had not made a mistake! I would never have thought I won. It is fantastic!"  Thank you all the participants and congratulations to the winners! Great job! You can as well find the results of the contest on new eYeka website! See you soon on eYeka!