Dear creators,

Today we're happy to announce the results for the series of 6 Beer Display contests, in which we invited you to create an attractive in-store promotional display for an imaginary beer brand in 6 different occasions: Hanging out, Savoring, Everyday food, Relaxation, Indulging and Partying.

All of you did an amazing job sending your creative and innovative entries and we really looking forward for the brand to implement your ideas in life!

Beer display

Initially we have 18 winners in the series of 6 contests, but the brand was so happy with your entries that they decided to choose extra 5 winners! Great news isn't it? So before discovering who are the winners, let's check the comment from the brand:

"I wanted to thank all the participants for your time and effort in developing ideas for these contests. It was great to see how clever and creative you all could be! You really brought the emotional connection to life and identified ways to elevate the image of the beer category. I really appreciate the time, effort, and thought you spent putting these together!

The decision process was difficult. We had a lot of great conversation around the entries and enjoyed looking at your take on the situation. Even if you were not picked as the winner, know that your creativity was appreciated!

Best wishes!"

So here are the winners, we're also surprised that some of you even won more than 1 prize in this series of contests!

Usyaev (Russia) : won 1st Prize (€ 3,000) in Hanging out with entry Love time with friends

"We liked the 3 side design. I also like how you incorporated the occasion and left room on the rack for cross merchandise opportunities"

Gevorg (Russia) : won 2nd Prize (€ 1,500) in Hanging out with entry Funny photo

"We thought this entry would appeal to 21-27 year olds and that we could get "buzz" about our beer."

thewiner (Indonesia) : won 3rd Prize (€ 500) in Hanging out with entry thewiner

" This entry sparked a lot of conversation. We liked the light aspect of it."

aline_ferreira (Brazil): won 4th Prize (€ 500) in Hanging out with entry Street Painting 3D and Totem Display "This was a great idea that we are going to use at a later time!"

 TodZ (France): won 1st Prize (€ 3,000) in Savoring with entry Bended reality

"Awesome usage of new technology in-store!"

VegaFX (Italy): won 2nd  Prize (€ 1,500) in Savoring with entry Virtual Restaurant

"Great idea for in-store scene setting and ability to change quickly."

adrianzapatagarcia (Spain): won 3rd Prize (€ 500) in Savoring with entry Buck Roger (Premium), won 5th Prize (€500) in Everyday food with entry Tablecloth

"We are utilizing this in a simple but eye catching manner - thank you!"

"This sparked ideas ..."

oceanomare (Italy) : won 1st Prize (€ 3,000) in Everyday food with entry Pull and Pair

"It was creative and scalable for multiple formats!"

9i9i (Romania) : won 2nd  Prize (€ 1,500) in Everyday food with entry Everyday food, won 3rd Prize (€ 500) in Relaxation with entry Relaxation Beer Display, won 4th Prize (€ 500) in Indulging with entry Indulging

"Your creation for indulging was a great idea that sparked conversation..."

"This idea for Relaxation was a simple and creative display that could be executed in a variety of stores. It's simple enough that it doesn't annoy the shopper, but still creative enough that it draws attention."

angele_z22 (France): won 3rd Prize (€ 500) in Everyday food with entry Wed me!, won 1st Prize (€ 3,000) in Relaxation with entry The beer ALUR

"Great art work = beautiful execution is attainable!"

"The idea of water is very synonymous with relaxation. It fits very well with one of our brands, and we were able to use your images with our own to create something impactful."

gaiariva (Italy): won 4th Prize (€ 500) in Everyday food with entry Today's special

"This can be executed in multiple ways to fit our brands and formats."

bhubz02 (Singapore): won 2nd  Prize (€ 1,500) in Relaxation with entry Beer Mode Unlocked

"This message really spoke to the idea of chilling out with beer. We saw a variety of ways that it could be expanded upon."

Icecream (Ukraine): won 1st Prize (€ 3,000) in Indulging with entry Lable for you

"We loved the originality of the idea and how it can engage the shopper in the store. It has potential to have a digital aspect which is a goal of ours."

charly-dh (Belgium): won 2nd  Prize (€ 1,500) in Indulging with entry Store shelf asks questions

"We loved the simplicity and effectiveness of the solution. It captures what we are looking for while still being cost effective and easily executable."

meli_zurita (Mexico): won 3rd Prize (€ 500) in Indulging with entry FlavBeer - An extra layer of indulgent flavour

"This was very creative, unique and well thought out. It is unique take that we had not seen before."

ericTlse (France): won 5th Prize (€ 500) in Indulging with entry A Beer Coaster That Can Be Customized

"This was a great idea that sparked conversation about customizing items for consumers and making beer more their own."

AnnaNThang (USA): won 1st Prize (€3,000) in Partying with entry Let's Party!

"We chose this as the winner for its creative use of interaction and engagement with the shopper. It speaks specifically to the mindset of party shoppers and can help to set the mood."

carlos_takemoto (Brazil): won 2nd  Prize (€ 1,500) in Partying with entry DJ Display Simulator

"With music being a big part of our business, you found a way to make it interactive and unique to the individual in a store. Thanks for the thought!"

Rotciv (Indonesia): won 3rd Prize (€ 500) in Partying with entry HUNZ_Beer Party Display

"This display looks cool and could really stand out in the store. It would stop someone in their tracks. Thanks!"

Congratulation to the winners and thank you everyone for taking part in this series of creative contests! We wish you a Happy New Year and hope to see you again in our furture contests in 2014! :)