blog_banner21 (2)   It's not easy to imagine what your life and home would look like and the future evolution of household cleaning in 2020, as there are many changes that could impact our world. Still,  you wowed us with your revolutionary and innovative ideas in this contest! That's why client is very happy with your ideas and you can see the message below for all of you: "eYeka community! Thank you for all your submissions to the 2020 cleaning project. We recognize that it is often very difficult to imagine the future of a world/category without expert knowledge. However, we were pleasantly surprised by the vast array of ideas submitted. There was a healthy balance of futuristic tech, and well grounded realistic ideas, all of which have whetted our appetite and opened our eyes to the possibilities of what is out there. Thank you for your time and submissions!" Please find below our revolutionists, their winning comments and some praise from the client: 1st Prize of 5,000€ goes to valerirr777 (Russia) for My system cleaning 2020 "This idea is very detailed with a full appreciation for the category. The proposal is thought through from idea concept through to execution as well as end user benefits. The hard part is to think of how to build this technically! Thankfully that is a challenge for us and not you. Very well executed, detailed and clear."
About my victory in the contest - I heard the news on the eve of Russian Christmas! This was a real Christmas miracle, marvelous news, which became for me a wonderful start of the new year 2014:) I'm very happy that my ideas were evaluated by a team of eYeka and a consumer company so high!!! I'm sure that the works of other authors were delightful and original. And even if you did not win, do not lose, hope and aspirations. Participate in competitions, invest in every work of your soul, and you will be lucky! Believe, work hard, and the miracle happen! I know it for sure:) I love eYeka, all members of this amazing community and I hope that someday I also go to one of the meetings in eYeka and I want to get acquainted with each of these amazing and creative people!
2rd Prize of 4,000€ goes to presenceinc (Singapore) for Sentinel - A 2020 snapshot of a community based cleaning model "This entry was picked due to its truly innovative and unique approach to cleaning.  It would be fantastic if we could encourage the world to live in this way, I fear it will take a long time to change the mindset of the masses. A truly inspirational entry, thanks!"
presenceinc didn't share any winning comments to us
3rd Prize of 3,000€ goes to aline_ferreira (Brazil) for Green Cleaning "The idea of naturals based cleaning products is not a new concept or new to the cleaning category. This entry was chosen for the specific ingredients listed, these are new to the category."
I want to thank the support from eYeka and Community Managers by helping me win one more victory! I thank the brand by this prize, I am very happy !!
4th Prize of 2,000€ goes to ypp1117 (China) for An almighty cleaning service website "It is true that people often need and like to be told the best methods for cleaning. there is often some confusion around what products to use, which are best for particular tasks and which ease the labour/time required for use. This idea was chosen as it is an end to end solution, with a very tangible method of selling products at the backend of the process."
I won! Thanks eYeka and the brand for giving me a nice red envelope for the new year! I spent much effort on this contest and I am satisfied with the result. I would like to wish all of you a happy new year!
5th Prize of 1,000€ goes to rojesbastet (China) for home cleaning in 2020 "This idea was chosen as it is an end to end solution, with a very tangible method of selling products at the backend of the process."
It has been two months after the contest ended, I thought I lost in this contest until I got the email that I won. So it's really a surprise for me! Usually in idea contest, I will come up with many different ideas and list down all of them in my entry, but now I realize it's better to focus on one good idea and make the one idea attracting and detailed enough. So the jury can have a clear understanding of my entry. I would like to share this experience to all the creators :)
Congrats to the winners! And thanks a lot to all of you who participated in this contest! You can also check the winner’s announcement on our new website here ;)