240277202854013169230a1e24287e51 (2) One month ago, Purina invited you to find an idea that will make feeding time a more pleasurable experience for a dog or a cat and its owner. We hope you have had fun with this contest and well done for once again impressing the Purina brand! Here is the message that the jury wanted to share with all the participants: "A big thanks for your participation in this contest. All your ideas are very interesting! The winning entries will give new opportunities to develop unique products to enhance the pleasure in food for the pet and the owner. Congratulation to everybody who sent in their ideas!" And here are the winners of the contest and the praise from the Purina client, some of the winners also shared their winning comments below: 1st Prize (3,000€) goes to bubays (Philippines) for MOULDIBLES - Mouldable Pet FoodCongratulation! This dea is very unique for us and will certainly allow to enhance the emotional bond between the pet and the owner. It's also a good opportunity for us to involve kids in the food experience with their pet.
This win came as a wonderful surprise for me and my brilliant cousin Borgy, who supported me for this contest because we received the news a day before his birthday. Luckily I called on his help because I almost passed up on joining so just imagine our delight when we found out our hard work bagged 1st place! This is my first eyeka win and I take this as a great start of the year. I would like to share a quote he sent me: “Do not give up. The beginning is always the hardest.
2nd Prize (1,500€) goes to 3615 (France) for Edible cups for cats outdoor "Very interesting idea in term of convenience for outdoor consumption. Will also give new tasty experience through the packaging!"
This is the second award that I won and I am very happy. What I like for eYeka design contest is that it help broaden my field of creation. Once again, I used my personal experience to try to find solutions and answers to a specific problem of our daily life and it worked. Great! Thank you to all the eYeka team for these good experiences!
3rd Prize (500€) goes to 000 (USA) for purinadyne dégu-stationWe do like the idea of creative cuisine for pets. It's a universe never explore yet and that will certainly delight all the pet's senses!”
When I read the brief for this contest, I noticed the theme was nearly identical to ideas I introduced with my entry in the previous Purina contest. So I of course empathized with the task and understood the requirements. I'm still surprised to win another Purina contest. Perhaps it isn't only coincidence, and they as I, genuinely care about the welfare of our wet-nosed friends. I'm grateful my suggested new products have a chance of being implemented. If so, the items truly will be enjoyable for pet and owner alike.
Congratulations to the winners and a big thank you to all who worked on this challenging contest and submitted their great entries! :) You can also check the winner’s announcement on our new website here ;)