Hot nuts   Do you remember this Hot Nuts contest where we asked you to create an original and trendy packaging idea that could be applied across three different flavors to make teens go crazy for Hot Nuts! Well I'm sure you do actually!! ;) Indeed, it seems that you really liked this contest as it was a very popular one. I guess you felt challenged to shake up the Hot Nuts packaging and we have to admit that you managed finding incredible and innovative ideas for this product. Now, let's find out who are the happy winners with some comments from the jury in Italics:   1st Prize of 4,000€ goes to carlos_takemoto for BUBBLE PACK

Carlos, we loved the industrial design as well as the graphic design. This packaging allows us to take the brand to the next level strengthening our positioning but also being very visible. Thank you very much for your talent!

2nd Prize of 2,000€ goes to loukmanli for Another idea

Loukmanli we found your industrial design unique and very suited for on the go consumption as well as in gatherings. Your graphic design is also very strong. Your overall proposal helps to evolution. Thank you very much for your talent!

3rd Prize of 900€ goes to alexander-666  for Hot-Nuts2

Alexander, your graphic design is fantastic! We would love to see our Hot Nuts in the package you propose.

Thank you all for your amazing creations. And Congrats to the winners, you really impressed the client!!