clear men

Dear creators,

Here is the big day today as we finally have the results of this Clear Men contest. We know you all have been very patient and we would like to thank you for this. Just to refresh your memory, here is what you had to do for this contest: Create a witty, classy and virally entertaining video that shows what men could reveal when they no longer have a reason to hide, thanks to great flake-free hair from new Clear Men Shampoo.

Here are some comments from the Jury to the Community: Thanks all for so many creative and breakthrough ideas. We were truly impressed with the breadth of ideas generated!

Now let us end the suspense, and discover the winners with some personal comments from the Jury in Italics and reactions from the winners right bellow:

1st Prize of 15 000€ goes to vaaal31 for COMING SOON

Very creative concept + on brand! Loved the way the drama built throughout the trailer.

A great reward, I'm very happy to see how much my work has been appreciated, it's encouraging, for the team who put a lot of effort into it and who gave me their trust for 2 intensive days of filming!

A big thanks!!

2nd Prize of 10 000€ goes to FlojoArt for Never be alone

Loved the twist at the end! The media was also very unique and breakthrough.

When I read about the Clear Men contest, I had some different ideas about the story and it was really hard to put one and bring this idea to life. I think I did right choice about the idea. In this video, I've tried some elements which I had previously still never tried, and because of this, I had really some sleepless nights. But it was worth!! I had a lot of fun on this project, I learned a lot and I get a prize. :) Thank you very much eYeka and thank you very much clear men!

3rd Prize of 5,000€ goes to Capn_Polyester for Say No To The Snow

This one had us laughing out loud!

I'm over the moon to have won another prize. I work really hard at these projects and although they are great fun to do, it's always nice when the money comes rolling in :)

Thanks you all for participating in this contest. See you soon on a next contest!!