Hello everyone! It’s September now and it’s time to meet our "Creator of the Month". This is the first time we feature someone from Nigeria community! Please welcome Idamiebi Ilamina-Eremie who is known as damseremie on eYeka. Let us know more about him:


Can you tell us more about yourself?
Hi guys, My name is Idamiebi but you can call me Idams or Dams for short. It’s an honor to be given this opportunity to be the "Creator of the Month" on eYeka. It’s kind of hard to describe exactly what I do because I do a lot different things, so I’ll just try my best: I think the best term is “Freelance Creative Director”. I studied Computer Engineering but I spend most of my time on Video Production/3D Animation/Motion Graphics and Visual Effects with a little Graphics and Web Design as well (all self-taught!). Oh I am also an indie Game Developer ;)
It has been more than 3 years since you joined eYeka! How did you think of eYeka when you found out the website and what do you feel about eYeka right now? We would like to know your personal experience here!
Yes Indeed, I joined eYeka 3 years ago when I was just starting in video production from 3D animation, one day I googled “Video Contests” and I found the eYeka website, so I entered a contest. But later I found out that the winner will be determined by voting. I was disappointed as I never like voting contests - for me it's like only popular people can win. So I left eYeka for a while since then. I came back in 2011. I borrowed a camera from a friend for just 30 minutes, quickly shot an entry and submitted it to Lenovo contest "Inspire us with your extraordinary doer story". Next thing is: I got an email saying that I won some money and a Lenovo Idea-pad tablet! You can see the winning entry for Lenovo contest here - "A true doer". This is my first winning on eYeka and the video is about creating Titi Tilapia, the first computer game developed in Nigeria. Now, my team and I have revised the project and decided to make it into a mobile game!  We recently launched Open beta testing of the Android game and will have the full game released by December. You can get details and play it on www.tititilapia.com :)

Titi tilapia

Thanks for sharing the inspiring story! We noticed you have won several prizes with your design and video, well done for the great works! How’s your creation process like usually?
Usually I first read the briefs carefully, some of them attract me immediately and I will then start thinking of ideas. I will share with my fiancee Liz and my brother Boma, so sometimes we come up with ideas together. Though most of the times, the ideas don’t hit until the contest is almost over, then I have to rush to meet the deadline. Since middle of this year, I decided to try something different: I got a team of my friends together, we looked at the briefs and brainstorm, discussed how to implement them together. This is a better system as we are able to create more entries since then, even though we haven't won anything yet and we are still waiting for the results. Fingers crossed :) I like eYeka as it allows me to experiment. I was very lucky to win in some contests using varied styles: Live-action, Motion Graphics, Stop-Motion and Graphic Design. I think I should try create a 3D animated entry in the future contest!
Can you share with us what are your sources of motivation and inspiration?
Funny as it sounds, my biggest motivation is deadlines, I love being on-the-spot! I can’t recall how many times happened that with just 2 days left or before the end of a contest, I suddenly got inspiration on how to make a great entry and I ran sleepless nights trying to get the entry done. I get inspiration from watching TV, sometimes you see a nice idea that you can tweak and make it special. For me, some of the eYeka contests are a bit challenging, since I know the entries may be used to target some specific region. It’s tough for me because being in Africa, I only have access to dark-skinned actors and even though the brands may like what I produce, they have to be practical and decide if the "characters" will appeal to a global or specific regional market. I am finding ways to improve it, this is also the reason that makes me experiment with different film-styles that don't require actors, like stop-motion (My first stop-motion entry is “KIA weekend fun” , which gave me First prize in the KIA contest   ) and motion graphics (I created the work for O.B Tampon contest and won First Prize). You can find more of my creations here in my Youtube channel.
What are the things you like about eYeka? And what are the things that you think could be improved on or added in the future?
eYeka is awesome! You have successfully worked out most of the challenges. The moderators are always very helpful and reply quickly to emails. The major improvement I would love to see is: faster winner announcement time. If the winner announcement time could be cut down to 2 weeks - 1 month, that would be lovely!
Any words you would like to share to your fellow aspiring creators on eYeka?
Yes: Make sure you have fun! A win justifies for effort but even if it doesn’t come, keep working. Not only will you get better, you’ll have some cool stuff to add to your portfolio :)
Thank you Idamiebi for your time and your inspiring words that you share with us! We wish you good luck in the future contests, Keep on rocking and creating amazing stuffs :D