blog_banner12 (2) Dear creators, We are glad to announce the winners of "Invent a snack" Contest today! Incase you forget, the challenge is to invent a new groundbreaking nutritious snack that is tasty and fun for kids, as well as healthy and convenient enough for parents to buy for their children or even themselves. Client is happy with the result and here’s what they comment about your creations: "Creativity, practicality, alignment to the brief, uniqueness and the way in which they were brought to life!" So here are the 3 winners and you can see client’s comment on each winning entry: 1st Prize (EUR 3,000): valerirr777 (Russia) with "SNAiL JoE". SNACK + DRINK - DOUBLE DELIGHT!!!
" I enjoyed the creativity, the practicality and the great taste. Kids will love it."
2nd Prize (EUR 1,500): klak (France) with Crusty fruit - snack
"I enjoyed the playfulness, the great taste and the longevity of the idea through the collectables."
3rd Prize (EUR 500): Gilower (Spain) with Cup&Dab!!
" I enjoyed the mix of ingredients, the great taste, the creativity in each bite."
CONGRATULATION from all of us and keep up the good work! For all participants, thank you so much for your creativity and effort! :)