blog_banner(9) Dear creators, Last month, we launched the Toyota "Oh What a Feeling" contest and invited you to create a powerful, engaging story that brings to life the strong feelings and emotional connection between a Toyota and its owner(s). There were 79 great videos accepted and now its time to discover the winners! You can see Toyota client’s comment on each winning video below: 1st Prize of 20,000€ goes to Andy777 (Australia) with FOREVER
The tone and emotion was what we loved most about this entry. It tapped into a deep emotion around loved ones that we could all relate to. The visuals and music chosen really complimented the story.
2nd Prize of 9,000€ goes to Landonson (U.S.A) with Lift off
We really liked how this entry captured the wonder and awe of being a child. It was inspirational in the way it portrayed the intrigue and excitement you feel about discovering new things. We hope that people do feel this way about owning and driving a Toyota.
3rd Prize of 4,000€ goes to chriswithcamera (U.S.A) with A Car Is - Toyota -
We liked this entry for the energy, depth and range of emotions it covered.We loved the way it made you feel like owning a Toyota would help facilitate in making your dreams come true.It also had very high production qualities throughout.
Heartiest CONGRATULATION to the winners! :D Well done, guys! And thank you everyone for taking part in this contest. It ended successfully because of YOU! Thank you for your awesome creativity and effort!