First PC   Dear friends, Check on the winners of this contest and some comments from the creators in Italics but first please discover some comments from the jury :

 These ideas were on the brief and the creatives brought them alive in a very interesting way. The engagement part is very important in the category as generally consumers dont pay too much attention to any sort of communication in this category.

1st Prize of 3000€ goes to Ram (Philippines) for RIPc

"eYeka was introduced to me by my brother who is also a creator. I formed a team, me and two  creative colleague,  brainstormed ideas and took the challenge.  The result-- My first eYeka contest that won first prize! It was a very exciting feeling.  We have to keep our creative juices running so we look forward in joining more contests here in the community. Thank you eYeka!"

2nd Prize of 1500€ goes to Rrmi (France) for Emotional PC Project

"I started my Monday with a big smile when I learnt about the results of this contest. When you start entering the creation field, you never know if the ideas, the message will be understood and appreciated, in this case it seems that yes, it was, which is quite pleasant. The fact that this is the 2nd contest that I win makes it an additional motivating factor for me to continue offering concepts and / or creations but also and especially to improve in the discipline. Discipline that I think will help me in my professional life in the future.

I am a French student who lives in Paris and who loves art, photography, architecture colors and creativity. Everything this city has to offer. Have a good day and thank you!"

3rd Prize of 500€ goes to Shobz  (Philippines) for #yourfirstpc

"This is very challenging.. I think Eyeka grown up and there are lots of new great creators added each year. I've been joining and winning here for the past 3 yrs and I could say that it's tough now compared before. Lots of new artists joining and aiming for the prize. For me it's part of the challenge as a creator even not winning.. Joining is not just aiming for the prize but also to learn and enchance your imagination. Thanks for the prize!"


Thank you all for your participation and your fresh ideas. Stay tuned for our next Challenge !!