Banamex Hi all, In our recent Banamex contest we asked you to come up with a tagline and a poster, which would express the values of the leading Mexican bank. It was not an easy one, but still you managed to create great entries and to show in one tagline how Banamex, through its solid legacy, contributions and closeness to people can empower its customers as well as the whole of Mexico to achieve their goals.  Great job! And today we are happy to announce the winners of this contest: 1st Prize of 3000€ goes to eve_worldlines (Mexico) for Your wishes have always inspired us to create a better future for Mex
"A year ago I participated in a contest at eYeka with a friend, he introduced me to eYeka and that time we also won! It's an amazing way to keep my mind creatively active with things that sometimes are not necessarily of my field of work. I participated in this contest because it was interesting to see a company of my own country and try to do something for them, also it's been the bank of my family for generations! When I learned that I won I just jumped from the sofa and started screaming, it was really exciting and I felt really fortunate. I like working in teams, this time I worked together with a really good friend, her name is Ariadna Tellez and it was a really interesting and nice process and it's always nice how an idea get's better when more people starts building over it!"
  2nd Prize of 1700€ goes to gjhardwick2 (United Kingdom) for Poster with tagline for Banamex
"I am delighted to have been selected as a winner in my first eYeka contest! I was introduced to eYeka by a family member just a few days before the Banamex tagline contest closing date. Coming up with a quick idea that translated properly and could be understood in Spanish was a challenge. Now I am looking forward to taking part in more contests - the creative process and researching a project are so satisfying. Now that I have won a prize perhaps my family will not be so eager to dismiss me each time I say "I've had another great marketing idea". Thanks to all at eYeka!"
  3rd Prize of 1000€ goes to Denarts (Italy) for Trasparencia Banamex
"eYeka I met through a friend, who was also the creator. I do not mean to flatter you, but you are better (in your category) portal that I know. I participate in contests in general because I like creation in general, because I like this job.  To be honest, I do not have much confidence in banks and financial institutions, but as always, before taking part in a competition I read a lot about the brand and in this case I was pleasantly surprised because, this client does not have only the words, but true commitment. That's why I decided to participate in this competition and the ideas I not missed."
  Congratulations, guys! And thanks to all the participants who submitted their creative entries! See you in future eYeka contests! Stay creative!;)