Jack Daniel's Dear creators, Today we are happy to announce the winners of Jack Daniel's contest, in which we asked you to create a poster introducing a lighter and sweeter version of Jack Daniel’s to young adults. There were 134 great entries accepted and now its time to know the results!   Check on the winners of this contest, comments from them as well as from the client: 1st Prize of 5000€ goes to gaiariva (Italy) for He's lighter "Relates to the credible link between JD & music & highlights the "lightness" of 1907 in a way that is engaging and relevant to 18-24yo Target audience."
I was a creator on another crowdsourcing platform, and a friend of mine told me about Eyeka. He told me that contests were much more interesting, even if sometimes more difficult because they are in English and you have to sumbit complex projects/ideas in a foreign language ... he knew that I've got a lot of energy to spend, and suggested me to join this community toturn it into something concrete and positive :) and he was right! thanks a lot, massimo :* Jack Daniel's is a great brand, famous and respected. Creating a graphic to introduce a lighter variant of JD to younger people seemed an exciting challenge to me: it's not simple at all, and I don't like easy things :) I felt sooooo happy, mainly because I didn't expect this victory! And it's also my first 1st prize here ...I was waiting for it! I work alone. Eyeka has helped me to build a great protfolio, and also to earn some money to keep on playing my music. So: THANK YOU EYEKA!
2nd Prize of 3000€ goes to Chandandesigner (India) for Drink smart "We were very impressed with the way in which the creative relates to both the refreshment of the drink in a way that is relevant to digital native target audience."
First-off, I would like to thank my co-winners who duly secured the first and third position respectively for this particular competition. Eyeka time and time again, has been a platform that has been of a great utility to me in my career as a designer. Yet again, through the efforts of this platform I was given the access to showcase my work for one of the world’s leading whiskey brand Jack Daniel’s. Quoting the tagline, a co- creation community is just what an enlightened designer like me needs in order to constantly stay fertile mentally and always look out for new ideas and methods in which I can showcase my work. The beauty of Eyeka is the fact that as a community model it lets designers access brands and briefs that otherwise would not have been accessible in a typical agency environment. Here’s to some more compelling briefs, and initiatives that would help the Eyeka Community and its designers to further evolve and grow.:)
3rd Prize of 1000€ goes to chloerossi (France) for Experience levity with the sweetest Jack Daniel's "Very clearly shows the lightness of the product and the entire series that we provided indicated the opportunity to expand on this idea in a number of different ways."
I participate in the contests to have a chance to create for the big brands but also to progress. I like the challenge and I always have a desire to go further. I participated in this contest as I find the history of this brand fascinating. It is also a well-known product so for me it was a chance to propose a graphic creation for Jack Daniel’s. I was very surprised to learn that I won a prize, especially knowing that the competition was open to almost all countries.So I am very proud and equally motivated to participate in other contests and to win the 1st Prize!
  Thank you all for your participation and your great posters. We wish you best of luck in the future contests!