blog_banner (2)   Dear creators, First of all, we can say that you surprised us with your incredible inspiration for this Samsung S4 contest. You managed submitting  engaging, and funny videos and sometimes even without showing the product. So congrats to you all for the amazing work you made for Samsung Galaxy S4. The brand was very happy with all the contents they got, but they had to make a final choice, and I bet it was not easy... So now is time to discover the winner and some personal feedback from the Jury in Italics: 1st Prize of 20 000€ goes to aceblvd (France) for Samsung Galaxy S4 Sound & shot - The Pilot

"The winning entry had us engaged straight from the start. The story was clear, concise and flowed through to the end. As per the brief this video showed us how Samsung devices and features open up your creativity and allow you do do out of the ordinary things. The hero was imaginative, likeable and had an element of cool factor. The unexpected twist at the end showed us his sense of humour which likens to our brand. A high quality video and productions style that could easily sit beside some of our Brand Communications in market."

2nd Prize of 5,000€ goes to maximemabomona (France) for  Elena and her Smartphone

"We like how this video portrayed the realistic relationship between Elena and her Samsung S4. The video is quirky and honest and really enjoyed how it’s delved into a behind the scenes look at how Elena uses her smartphone during her day. It shows what an important tool your Samsung mobile is and what you would be missing without it."

3rd Prize of 2,500€ goes to Burubu (France) for SAMSUNG IS FUN

"High impact, great production and dynamic - this entry continues to build the hype around the S4s Drama Shot feature. The people in the video are creative, fun and make the most out of life which matches up to the Samsung brand values."

Thanks again to you all for your amazing work !! See you soon for a new contest! :)