blog_banner(18)   Dear creators, We just launched Fa contest and we hope you find the brief interesting and engaging enough to encourage you to participate! To remind you, our brief is: Share a fantastic feeling by showing how you can change your world and influence the people around you in a spontaneous, fun and refreshing way. Since some of you are not sure whether your video will meet the brief, here’s a new way to work on your Fa entry: from today till September 8th, you can upload a synopsis (a few sentences) on the contest page, which describes your story. We will then send you the feedback from Fa client to make sure your video is on brief and you can start creating it. It is not compulsory to upload the synopsis, but we are hoping this way we will help you to understand the brief better and assist you with the creation of your video, thus increase the chance of winning ;) Don’t forget we have up to EUR 30,000 of prizes to win! Should you have questions about the synopsis or the contest, please feel free to contact us via: Cheers!