Duracell Powermat 

Your phone is probably the object that you have with you most often; for many of us, it’s become a life companion. It’s can be a source of inspiration, entertainment and connection whether you are at home, at work, out with friends, on a trip… anywhere at all. But smartphones have a problem, a very recurrent and annoying problem: their poor battery life. Now I'm sure all of you have experienced it when you desperately need to use your phone but oops! No battery! :( It should happen no more with Duracell Powermat! Duracell Powermat wants to enable people to use their phone as much as they want and wherever they are without having to worry about battery life. They have invented a collection of products that offer immediate backup power but also enable you to recharge conveniently, so that you never run out of battery. Produce a very entertaining and original video showing us how Duracell Powermat enables people to take charge of their phone battery, liberating them from battery anxiety and empowering them to do great things. Format: Video or animation no longer than 60 seconds.

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  Three best creations will be awarded with a total prize of EUR 15,000:
1st Prize: EUR 8,000 2nd Prize: EUR 4,000 3rd Prize: EUR 3,000
Duracell Powermat contest will be running until September 10, 2013. Let's power up and get going! :D