Ypioca Caipirinha is the most famous cocktail in Brazil and is also widely loved outside the country by cocktail aficionados. Caipirinha is made with cachaca and to make a really great caipirinha you need a good quality cachaca, like Ypioca. As well as a fully sustainable manufacturing process where everything produced is recycled or reused, Ypioca also has a very unique way of generating income for over 5000 Brazilian artisans. They use their talent to produce the “sleeves” of the traditional straw-wrapped Ypioca bottles. Ypioca wants to do good: how could they improve society by supporting a social cause? Find an idea for Ypioca to entice consumers to contribute to a socially responsible cause by buying this cachaca. Format: Presentations with pictures or illustrations and text, PDF format only.

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  Prize  7,500€
  • #1 Prize 4,000€
  • #2 Prize 2,500€
  • #3 Prize 1,000€
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