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Let's welcome the month of July together with our creator of this month: limandao. Please give him a round of applause!!

Today we would like to introduce you to one of our most active creators in the French community: David aka limandao. Why? Simply because we thought it is time to take you to France in July where summer has just begun, and where almost all students are on holiday. So follow me to this trip to France through our interview with limandao!!

This way, please :) ==>

Hello, I’m David (Kiatt), 28 y/o, and I’m an Artistic Director and freelance photographer in Paris. I like to work on any kind of media whether it is web or prints, and I particularly love crazy brainstorming sessions with my friends to find incredible ideas.

Regarding the Art field, I’m a dabbler: drawings, graphics, and video only recently. For me, it’s indivisible, even though each discipline has its own distinguishing feature.

It’s a way for me to express myself. So why being limited to one word when we have a broader palette?



Why did you join eYeka?

As almost my entire professional career is artistic, I discovered eYeka a little by chance. In fact, I had vaguely heard about it in the past without knowing what the platform was offering. Until one day, during a lunch break, a friend called and told me about an eYeka contest. At that time I was working in an agency and my daily tasks were not that "funky". This friend encouraged me to participate in one of the call for entries, saying that it would be perfect to divert me and to cultivate my artistic side. And on these two points he was not wrong at all to strongly encourage me to do so! Thanks to the diversity of the competition (whether in terms of brand, brief and media) I had the impression to get back the enthusiasm of the beginning of my career. Even if you're not among the final winners or selected, Eyeka allows you to put yourself in condition of an actual project production, "agency" type,  while having the feeling of being totally free, you can let you go at 100% and it makes, in my opinion, everyone on an equal footing. Pure creativity takes precedence over technique, anyone can win and for me that is where the big difference is.

Limandao, could you please tell us everything about your source of inspiration?

Being quite curious by nature, many things inspire me, but if I had to make an exhaustive list I would say essentially the cinema, the American comic books, Japanese manga, animation, photography and the web.

One thing I cannot live with is music. Whatever the type, the music inspires me a lot. Each music I listen often inspires me in the pictures I try to reproduce in my creations.

Do you have any artist that inspires you more than others ?

So many… If I had to make a best of, they would be (hmmmmm Cornelian dilemma):

  • David Fincher for his talent as a director.
  • Helmut Newton as for me, he is the one who is able to best transcribe feminine sensuality in photos.
  • Frank Miller for his graphic novels and his talent as a writer.
  • The animation from Studio Ghibli for their magic and quality of work.
  • And finally the Mangaka Eichiiro Oda for his incredible imagination and his ability to renew himself (doing different styles) despite a series he has designed and scripted for over 10 years.
For me, being able to renew myself is really essential. Being able to be in constant motion and challenge is essential in the creative process.

Favorites things about eYeka?

I love the variety offered in terms of contest and brands, the new submission system with the thorough steps is really convenient. But if I had to pick one thing, it would be the availability of eYeka Community Managers, they always respond to all of your queries regarding the contest quickly with a lot of patience and kindness.

Some words for the community?

Keep on having fun while creating and always renew yourself! If there's any victory afterwards, then it’s a bonus!

  For those who want to get more information about limandao, you can check his website  and his official Facebook page (so professional, huh? ;) )

Thanks a lot for your time, limandao! I'm sure everybody enjoyed reading your story.

See you soon on eYeka, everybody!!