blog_banner (7) Smartphones have completely taken over our lives. We all have a friend or colleague who is completely addicted to his or her phone and tries to use it for everything, even things that aren’t really possible. Sometimes this results in hilarious and dramatic consequences… Today, we all use our phones for many things: taking photos, shopping, reading, dating… But sometimes, when you try to do too much, things can go wrong. This could mean receiving the wrong pair shoes, messing up your dating schedule or accidentally video calling your Mum at the wrong moment, but there could also be even more disastrous, dramatic or hilarious consequences! In an engaging and very humorous video show us the disastrous, dramatic or hilarious consequences that happen when a phone addict tries doing everything (even the impossible) from his or her mobile phone. Format: Video or animation of 30 to 60 seconds.

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Prize 18,000€
  • #1 Prize: 2 round-trip KLM Business-class tickets to any European destinations + 5,000 euros (10,000€)
  • #2 Prize: 2 round-trip KLM Economy-class tickets to any European destinations + 3,000 euros (5,000€)
  • #3 Prize: 1 round-trip KLM Economy-class ticket to any European destinations + 2000 euros (3,000€)
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