Nescafe Black

Do you remember when we asked you to create an original 100% black coffee concept for NESCAFÉ® ? Apparently we have lots of coffee lovers here because all of your ideas were incredibly creative and original! :D We love them and so does NESCAFÉ®. Don't believe us? Here's what they have to say:
We would like to thank all creators for their inspiration on NESCAFÉ®.
You really provided us with a welcome wake up call for future innovation! We were thrilled by the whole experience of working with you. And we do hope that whatever you choose to create next, it all starts with a NESCAFÉ® !
And with that, we are glad to announce the three best creators in this contest! Please give a round of applause to....
First Prize of EUR 8,000 goes to Gilower (Spain) with Nescafé Spoon&Go Second Prize of EUR 5,000 goes to AnnaNThang (USA) with Café Cubes  Third Prize of EUR 2,000 goes to Gaetan_Uytterhaegen (UK) with Nescafé Crush
  Congratulation, guys! And THANK YOU to everyone who have contributed their creative ideas into this contest. See you in our next contest! :D