A blink of an eye and poof! It's June! Whoaa it's really fast, isn't it? Where did the time go? Anyway, the first week of the month means it's time for our Creator of the Month! :D We would like to introduce you to Anna Kövecses or many of you have known her as urbansicc here at eYeka. She's a Hungarian-born graphic designer currently living and working in Cyprus.


She entered her first online logo design competition 5 years ago and that marks the start of her creative career. Crowdsourcing competitions helped her to gain experience and build a great portfolio and she slowly got involved in a lot of different creative fields, mostly by guessing, trying different methods and simply by learning from what others have created. Today, she works mainly on illustration, branding and animation projects. But besides that, she loves photography as well as it helps her to capture everyday objects, people and places that later serve as inspiration for her works.

You know how some people get inspiration from music, books, people, or even traveling? Anna is one of them. She lives in a quiet village with her boyfriend and their little girl. In their free time, they travel a lot around the island or visit friends and family in Budapest, which is a super inspiring city for her.

If you have seen one of her video creations (like the ones here for Tag Heuer and Lux), you may have thought that she has had a formal education in filmmaking, but in fact, she has never had any! Video making seems like the next step from graphic design and photography for her.

My first video project was a competition on eYeka for Kempinski and my video won the first prize, which is a very kind memory to my heart. I’ve experimented with stop motion techniques and animation as well. Today I’m more into animation as it provides endless opportunities for creative ideas.. nothing is impossible :)
And having been creating such awesome videos and winning 17 prizes so far (and counting, I'm sure) make us wonder, does she have a team that works with her and how's her creation process usually like? This is what she has to say:
I usually like brainstorming with my boyfriend as he’s a big fan of videomaking and my works as well. We make a great team when it comes to scriptwriting and I trust his opinion a lot. At the production stage, if I’m working with actors, I usually ask friends to participate and it’s all about teamwork; if I’m doing an animation, then it’s much more like a journey in my mind. Post processing can be quite tiring as it involves a lot of sitting in front of my laptop and fighting with deadlines but it does produce a hell lot of adrenaline! :)


To her, video making and graphic design are quite interconnected in terms of inspiration. She really digs anything Scandinavian, Swiss and German. That includes movies of Lars von Trier, Thomas Vinterberg, Wim Wenders and Christian Petzold, graphic and industrial designers like Olle Eksell, Dieter Rams, Paul Rand (ok, he’s American). She also loves mid century modern architecture and furniture, everyday objects, children’s books, packaging, etc. "Actually anything can be inspiring as long as it’s simple, honest and functional.", she added. She doesn't actually remember how did she first find out about eYeka as it was long ago, but she has been loving it ever since :D. She said, "I love that it’s the friendliest company ever; no matter how many bugging questions I ask them, they always answer me quickly and kindly. I think it’s very important for a crowdsourcing company to provide a seamless communication, and they’re doing a great job. I really appreciate how eYeka gives equal chances to everyone and judges all creations based on their originality and spirit, not only their execution. Finally, of course it’s incredibly great to work on exciting briefs for exciting brands. eYeka provides everyone the opportunity to express him/herself, to learn and gain success. The only downside for me is that sometimes it’s incredibly hard to wait for the results but I know it’s a complex situation and depends highly on brands and I’m an impatient person anyway. All in all, eYeka rocks and is worth returning to from time to time."


If you'd like to see more of her creative works, do check out her website where you can find a selection of her best works.  Or if you are curious on behind-the-scene of her projects, check out her blog where she shares sneak peeks from works in progress, personal photographs, and stuff that inspires her. She is also running a personal design project called Coloradore that aims to provide color matching inspiration for anyone interested in forms of simple posters she has designed. To end this article, Anna would like to share some advise to all of you, her fellow creators:
Don’t be afraid to experiment and try new things every time you start a project. Learn from others but don’t copy them. Be yourself, find your own voice and create honest work that you can 100% identify yourself with. Be kind to others. :)
Thank you for your time, Anna. We are glad to have such an inspiring creator here in eYeka. Keep on rocking and creating amazing stuffs :D