blog_banner(12) There is an unresolved dilemma between parents and kids when it comes to snacking: parents want their children to eat well, while kids often prefer a chocolate bar or lollies to a piece of fruit. This is not surprising, since the nutritious snacks currently available in the market are often boring. Now it is your chance to solve this dilemma. Invent a new groundbreaking nutritious snack that is tasty and fun for kids, as well as healthy and convenient enough for parents to buy for their children or even themselves. Format: Pictures, illustrations, sketches with explanations.

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EUR 5,000 have been prepared for 3 best creative ideas: 1st Prize: EUR 3,000 2nd Prize: EUR 1,500 3rd Prize: EUR 500
Don’t forget to use the contest discussion tab if you have any comment or suggestion. This contest will be running until July 18, 2013 :)