Jack Daniel's 

Jack Daniel’s is the legendary and iconic American whiskey brand known for its genuinely smooth, authentic Tennessee whiskey taste and the strong personality of its founder, Jack Daniel. Its Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey is the best selling American whiskey worldwide. People around the world are also getting familiar with “Jack Daniel” the man and founder: his dedication to his craft, his integrity and his independent spirit that makes him as legendary as the whiskey he created. Now the brand is launching a new variant to the world – a white label whiskey called Jack Daniel’s 1907. Gently matured in the cooler areas of the barrelhouse, it is a lighter and sweeter Jack Daniel’s whiskey. Jack Daniel’s 1907 offers a lighter and easier drinking taste profile for young guys who like what Jack Daniel’s stands for but want to enjoy it on their own terms. The new drink allows them to get closer to the legendary whiskey as well as discover the strong personality of the brand. Through an original and engaging poster, introduce a lighter and sweeter version of Jack Daniel’s to young adults and show them that now they can enjoy “Jack” on their own terms. Format: Photo, illustration or print with explanations.

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  EUR 9,000 have been prepared for 3 best creative entries:
1st Prize: EUR 5,000 2nd Prize: EUR 3,00 3rd Prize: EUR 1,000
This contest will be running until July 18, 2013.