IDvyIcF0NTs Two months ago, we invited you to create an original and engaging story that shows the surprising discoveries a traveller could encounter in Japan. All of you did a amazing job sending us great entries for DISCOVER the SPIRIT of JAPAN contest and today we are happy to announce the winners! So here they are, the 3 creators chosen by the jury and you can see jury’s comments below for each winning entry: First Prize of EUR 8,000 goes to wallace75013 (France) with Discuss about Japan “It's like artistic poem. We're impressed by the combination of design, music and words.” Second Prize of EUR 5,000 goes to erikdinnel (USA) with Dear Tokyo (by Erik Dinnel) “It describes properly "the three value of Japanese" mentionned in the brief” Third Prize of EUR 2,000 goes to mingz0911 (China) with japan story “We're amazed by the unique way of producing animation content.  ” Congratulation to the winners and well done! For all of you who have participated in this contest, thank you very much for taking part in this creative challenge! Stay creative ;)