Banamex   Banamex, this great Mexican bank needs your help!! Can you help them through this brand new contest? For over 125 years, Banamex, the leading Mexican bank has been supporting Mexican families and businesses to get a better life and a better future. Banamex is more than a bank; it is committed to the development of Mexico and its people, anticipating what they want and need, making their everyday projects and dreams real. Banamex supports Mexicans to have “the will to do”. Banamex not only allows Mexicans to have access to solid, trusted, secure financial services, but also act out in the cultural, social and environmental areas where its goodwill, transparency and closeness to people make it a deep part of Mexico’s traditions and heritage. Create a poster with an original tagline that connects with people’s emotions and expresses that Banamex is more than a bank but a genuine partner in Mexicans’ lives. Format: Print: photo or illustration with text  

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  Prize 5,700€
#1 Prize 3,000€ #2 Prize 1,700€ #3 Prize 1,000€
  This contest will end on July 18th of 2013. So of course, if you have question please do not hesitate to write to