Diageo Social Plus

There is something that has changed in the relationship between consumers and brands. Ten years ago, people bought products simply because they liked them or because they saw an ad on TV. Now, it’s different: consumers care about how brands act in business and the role they play in society. They want to buy responsibly and are sensitive to the social impact of companies. The success of the Body Shop, Patagonia or Toms is proof of this idea. One of the world’s leading spirits groups wants to find out what a spirits brand could do to help build a better world, by supporting a cause intrinsically linked to a product story or brand positioning. Come up with an original and totally new idea for a cause that a spirits brand (vodka, rum, whisky, gin or any other spirit) could support - a socially responsible cause intrinsically related to its product story or brand positioning. Format: Presentations with pictures or illustrations and text.

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  We have a total prize of EUR 7,500 for three best ideas:
1st Prize: EUR 4,000 2nd Prize: EUR 2,500 3rd Prize: EUR 1,000
This contest will be running until July 17, 2013. :D