NRJ_New TV Shows

Watching reality shows can be a lot of fun, don't you think so? Or is it just me? *look around* Anyway, I personally think culture shock will be a good idea for a new TV show. And yes, that is what was asked from you in the New TV Show contest: to create a new TV show idea based on human interaction with a dose of culture shock! :D Here's some comments from the client regarding your awesome ideas:
Thank you all for your numerous creative ideas! We enjoyed reading through all of them and will soon create an innovative TV program. All thanks to you!
Here they are, the 3 creators whose ideas have been chosen by the client: First Prize of EUR 3,000 goes to LilianLopes (Brazil) with HONEYMOONS EXCHANGED Second Prize of EUR 1,500 goes to LilianLopes (Brazil) with BOTH SIDES OF THE SAME COIN (yes, she grabbed 2 prizes!)
I got to know eYeka by searching on the Internet because I have a friend who is working for a company that have the same concept as eYeka and I was curious about this new way to create new projects. So I looked for other similar companies. I participated because I love to create stories and to write screenplays. I have a passion for all kinds of work that covers imagination. I am graduated in Publicity (advertising), so I have to put my brain to imagine and make up different things. It's kind of a hobby for me, and I have done other works related to screenplays for videos and short films. I thought could be interesting to participate of an international contest and start to practice writing in English since I am going to live in London in September and I intend to work with screenplays and video production there.  So I thought it cwuld be interesting for me to start participating in contests like this.  I was overjoyed when I found out that I won 2 prizes!! There is no other word that could describe it better. It was nice to know that I won in my first participation in eYeka and in an international contest, and winning with two ideas chosen! Of course from now on I will be doing other projects. This worked out as kind of stimulus for me.
Third Prize of EUR 500 goes to gao (China) with One Dollar, One Day
I am so excited of winning this prize! I can't remember whether this is the 6th or 7th time I participated in an eYeka contest. When I have time, I will check out eYeka website to see if there's new contest coming up to practice myself. I participated in this contest because I have always been interested in TV industry. So when I read the brief, I decided that I have to participate. Usually I will think of different ideas before I sleep and when I wake up, the first thing I'd do is to create my entry. For this contest, I've created two proposals and decided to use one of them. Usually I work on my creations alone to participate in eYeka contest. Thanks eYeka for providing such a great platform to showcase myself. Also thanks to the client for choosing my entry. Thanks again!
  Congratulation, everyone! :D P.s.: We apologize as we are unable to showcase the winning ideas because they are for new TV shows which have not been realised yet. Thank you for your understanding.