544288_10152585660400387_1488652635_n     Do you remember our Bimbo contest ? You know, this contest where we asked you to help this famous Mexican brand creating  innovative, convenient and modern individual and family-size packaging ideas for traditional Panqués or Mantecadas that will encourage people to enjoy these products on the go and at any time of day, not just at home for breakfast or dinner. Well we have the results. But also an excellent news, the jury was so impressed by your work that they decided to reward 2 additionnal winners!! Great news isn't it ? Now it's time to discover who are the happy winners. You will see in italics comments from the Jury and bellow comments from the winners. Enjoy!! :)   1st Prize of 5000€ goes to WangYizhen (China)  for The Package Design of BIMBO Mantecadas宾堡Mantecadas包装设计 "We loved this idea, it covers the brief´s necessity to be on the go while generating a more pleasurable and fun experience an modernizing the category. Congrats for your useable approach!"
Yizhen did not share his comments with us yet.
2nd Prize of 2500€ goes to Mrno (China) for New Pack Bird and House "We find the form-concept specially appealing and engaging for children and youngsters, while opening a lot of possibilities for seasonalities. Contgrats for your target focus!"
The prize is a big surprise for me, another winner is  my classmates ! Congratulation to him. I hope more people will recommend Eyeka to others, it will give them exciting news.Thanks a lot Eyeka and Bimbo. Best regards LiLinhui
3rd Prize of 1,200€ goes to Gilower (Spain) for Bimbo Packaging Mantecadas "We love this option because of the emphasis on the ritual of eating sweet bread while generating a more artisanal and modern loop & feel. Congrats on the great design!"
Before all I have to say that Bimbo has a good taste !! xD  Thank you Bimbo for picking me and my media as a winner. But also thank you eYeka and its team for its help , I'm very happy with this community. I can say that thanks to eYeka, my portfolio is more and more supplied and it helps me to develop my career as a designer. Thanks!

And here are the Additionnal winners with their comments

Additionnal Prize of 600€ for Tom_ for MANTECADAS_FAMILY AND SINGLE PACK_
It was an honor to participate in this contest, and a big pleasure to be part of the construction of a new BIMBO packaging, Prisca was a lot considerate and helped me a lot in this process to understand what BIMBO really expected for their new pack. I hope being able to contribute more for Eyeka and for other companies to create beatiful and functional products. Thank you so much!!
Additionnal Prize of 600€ for carlos_takemoto for CORRECT VERSION - Packaging - X
I would like to thank for the award and say that it encourages me to continue participating in the contests of eYeka!

Thank you all for the great work you made for the Bimbo Brand !! See you soon for a new contest!!