Dear creators,

We are glad to introduce you to the winners of the Smirnoff Ice contest. Actually, this contest was quite fun and very interesting. Smirnoff Ice challenged you to imagine an exciting, original, great-tasting new flavour without forgetting to show them the feelings and sensations that it provokes when someone drinks it.

You all had great ideas for the brand and they finally picked 3 winning creation among all the impressive contents they got.

Now it's time to discover the winners and you will see in italics some comments from the jury about the creator's creations and below the creators' comments:

1st Prize of 3,500€ goes to AnnaNthang for Aurora: The essence of cold

"This is a great idea, very creative and innovative. Love the combination of colors."

I really enjoyed this contest because of the flavor possibilities. I love to invent new flavors which are unique and never before tasted...I wanted to capture the brand in a bottle. If you could capture winter in a bottle, then you have the new Ice flavor. I hope to see this flavor on the market shelves, I would like to taste it! Thank you so much to Eyeka for providing us with challenging and original opportunities to work with the biggest brands in the world.

2nd Prize of 1,500€ goes to chintami for Smirnoff Ice Fireflies.

"It opens a new door for pack tech. At the same time it has a romantic feeling. Love it."

Smirnoff Ice gives a unique impression for me, because I am a girl that’s not really expert in vodka experience, but when your imagination has gone wild no one can stop you, lol… regardless of any experiences, I think it is truly imagination which will take you everywhere :) . And being able to be one of the winner of this famous brand really makes me dazzled - Another thing to be happy about <3 <3 <3 . Thank you!

3rd Prize of  600€ goes to Gaetan_Uytterhaegen for his creation Fire&Ice

"Very masculine, strong and original mix of ingredients and flavors. Outstanding."

I'm a London-based advertising creative getting married this year so the prize money will be going straight into the wedding fund! I'd like to thank Eyeka for their comprehensive yet uncomplicated approach to briefing creatives on competitions. A good brief makes all the difference when you know you won't get the chance to discuss with the client before presenting work! So thanks again and look out for my next competition entry! ;)

Thank you all for your participation, and congrats to the winners! You' ve impressed the Jury!!